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    October 20, 2006



    Awww, nooo. I'm sending good vibes in spades for sweet lil' Juliet.


    Bless her heart...I hope she's okay...lots of good thoughts for her


    All of us here are sending lots of good thoughts your way.


    Poor little puppy. I'll be sending good thoughts her way...


    I really hope she doesn't live up to her namesake's fate. Poor little thing.

    Hoping/praying for the best.

    Mas' Mom

    I will say lots of prayers for her!


    Oh--poor Juliet--glad you saw she wasn't doing well! I hope she's OK...I remember when one of our dogs had puppies--Molly had a litter of 6 and one was smaller than the rest. It was so sweet and small--I loved it immediately. I tried to take care of it and feed it, but it wouldn't eat. Poor thing died and I cried and cried.


    OH, I'm so sorry to hear Juliet isn't doing well. I'm thinking good thoughts for her and I hope it's something she can recover from and be healthy.


    Poor little pup. Sending loads of good thoughts her way. Nature can be cruel sometimes - but little animals can be very strong. Both my former dog and my cat both got very very sick when I got them - they were both the runts of the litter - but both suddenly turned a corner and you would never know it now. I'm hoping Juliet will be the same. x


    Hpoin' and prayin' for little Juliet. xxx


    Just read the update - fantastic news! I have everything crossed that she continues to improve. It makes walking tricky but I'll do it for the cute puppy. :)

    Sara Sue

    Oh Nils...that poor little pup! Consider good vibes by the ton from California!

    Um...she'll be one of the ones you keep, huh?


    Whether there's one or eight, it would be a shame to lose even one of them. It's so hard seeing something so tiny struggle to breathe. I'm glad you guys were observant enough to figure out that things weren't going well. I'm betting even a picture of Juliet in a tiny oxygen tent would be cuteness personified.

    The Kept Woman

    I'm SO glad you updated that 'cause I kinda skipped over the last few paragraphs of the original post as the tears in my eyes were starting to well up...


    Nils, I am beyond touched that you not only noticed Juliet's onset of symptoms, but gave a damn. She is, as you said, only one teeny pup of eight in a litter, and the world won't notice much if she's gone. But you did. In time to do something. Something small, granted, but... something small is all it took in this case. And if you hadn't bothered, the outcome for her would be the difference between life and death. It's like that story of the man tossing starfish back into the sea after an anomaly had washed thousands of them ashore to their certain deaths, and an onlooker says, "Do you really think it matters?" And the man replies as he tosses another starfish back into the surf, "Well, I bet it matters to this one."


    Brings me to tears. I made the difficult decision to let my precious 15 year old baby go 4 days ago, and my heart still aches. She was so ill and fought the good battle,but enough was enough. I'm sending puppy prayers for sweet Juliet. Good luck to you all.

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