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    October 10, 2006



    Oohh! I like this even better.


    Ooooo... you know... I like the rust SO much better! And I really like the words at the bottom of the pic instead.

    Me likey! Ya (and Laura) done good!


    um, that's not my banner pic, that's yours. :)
    You're right, typepad is a pain in the arse to work with, design wise.
    Love the new look, it's great!


    Yeah, I didn't say I used your banner pic, Laura, darlin' - just that you'd worked hard on the banner.

    To clarify, Laura sent me along a prototype - and what I got from her inspired me to come up with what's at the top of the page now.

    I like this look. It'll work - for now.


    I like it, although rust is a sign of age.


    Perfect! Looks great.

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