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    October 23, 2006



    Yay Juliet!!!! That's fantastic news and now she has read it hopefully Stumpy will get off to bed. By the way, she has a question for you if you'd like to drop by later... :)


    Hurrah!! I DO love a happy ending. :)


    YAY! I'm SO glad Juliet is back home safe and sound. :)

    What's this? Now you have categories?! Is that new?

    The Kept Woman

    Yea!!!! I love a story with a happy ending. If this mirrored Old Yeller I'd have had to cry and bellar a whole lot.


    Loved the puppy videos! So glad to hear Juliet is home again with her brothers and sisters. All is indeed well. :-)




    Keep those videos coming! I'd love one with sound so that I could hear those puppies and their funny noises...not to mention your own voice. I'm curious as to what you sound like.


    I just spent about 20 enjoyable minutes looking through your blog, catching up and also going to Ty's blog.

    What joy! Wonderful photos, video, words and feelings come from your blog.

    I'm happy for Juliet that she's on the road to recovery and hope each little one finds a deserving family.

    Sara Sue

    Wonderful news! Hand me a tissue!


    Woo-hoo! So happy to hear she's home and doing well. :)


    You need to keep Juliet. I'm just saying.

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