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    October 05, 2006



    So who's laying claim to these little darlings? Got any takers? Do you feel them becoming a part of your family faster than you'd care to think? Here's betting you'll end up keeping one or two before this story is over. I'm just sayin'.


    admit it, you're hooked!
    also,how about photos of their cute little faces?


    They are so cute - and growing SO fast! I'm with Wordgirl: you're totally keeping at least one of them! :)


    But... wait... where did the numbers on them go? How can we tell who's who anymore??

    They should really all have collars -- different color ones so we can tell them all apart... and name tags.


    Believe it or not, they are actually quite easy to tell apart in person. In this picture:

    Brown pups (l-r): Romeo, Puck, Desdemona

    Black pups: (l-r): Juliet (or Ophelia), Caesar, Othello, Antony, Ophelia (or Juliet)

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