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    October 05, 2006



    Oh gawd... that has to be the cutest little puppy face I've seen all day!


    I assume you mean Desdemona. On the left.

    Me again

    Now I'm saying "awwww" for real. They are both adorable! Desdemona reminds me of my old dog, Sargent. He had the same coloring when he was a pup.
    I'm almost tempted to get out my puppy pictures....


    Aw youck, my heart just exploded with the cuteness. If you weren't so far away I'd be taking one in! They're unbelievably cute. :)


    Well, now: *that* melted my cotton-pickin' heart. It feels almost three dimensional, as if puppy smell were emanating from my computer screen. How could anybody resist that little round head, the button nose, the tiny velvety ears? (Yes, I'm referring to the one on the left.)

    Sara Sue

    Way to call the shots, Laura. OOkie cuteness!!! Now, hand me a tissue!


    Well...I guess it's better than if she had asked for a pony. Right?


    Of COURSE I meant Desdemona... sheesh...



    You need dessert recipes for Thanksgiving, eh? Apple crisp always goes over well--especially with whipped cream or icecream! But the recipe given by Mr. B over at CK's for you sounds GOOOD!


    I swear, if I was still on PEI and not here in Toronto, I'd be taking one.....for sure! There's nothing better than puppy love!


    You are SO keeping one of those dogs.

    Von Krankipantzen

    I'm with Torrie. Why fight the cuteness?


    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving weekend, Nils.

    How could you NOT keep at least one of those puppies??! Allie, don't let him give them all away. Pout or something. Or maybe enlist Laura's help, since your dad apparently can't refuse her anything. ;)

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