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    October 08, 2006



    oooh, pretty. i like the colors--they look crisp and lettuce? anyway, i think it looks really cool, although your banner could do with a little centering/stretching. and that pond looks gorgeously serene.


    Yeah, good point Gora ... I wrestled with that for hours, though - Typepad isn't the most user friendly blogging interface, I find. I want to have banners like Laura does over at Vitamin Sea - they always look custom designed. I know she puts a lot of time into it ... so Laura ... or anyone else who has mastered the Typepad design templates ... I'd love to have a suggestion or two!


    I actually really like the new look - once I worked out Ctrl+Refresh to actually see the new design. Bear with me, I'm still getting the hang of this - although I did pop out and buy 'HTML for Dummies' yesterday. You have been warned.

    I might take the font size down a touch for the entries themselves but other than that I think it's great. :)

    I'm still stunned by the beauty of the area around which you live. You're so lucky, although I did get to drive past Stonehenge again this afternoon and that's pretty cool too.

    Sara Sue

    I like the site! I can read it without my glasses, WOOT! It loads nice with Firefox but seems to lag just a bit with IE. come we haven't seem Emma's pictures of Stonehenge??


    Hmmm. My suggestion is merely one of color. Since the banner photo is mostly blue, you could really make it "pop" by changing the color of the border around it. That's pretty easy to do. Something darker, perhaps, to bring contrast to the photo and then to the white below? Typepad also doesn't provide the largest color selection for borders, backgrounds and sidebars--which is a pity. Love the shot of the geese, but the pond pic is perfect for autumn.

    Cranky Chick

    Just got done looking at ALL the wedding photos. What a handsome man you are all decked out! You clean up NICE! ;)

    Looks like it was a beautiful wedding and your daughter looks like a sweet, down-to-earth, good natured girl. I'd expect no less from you.

    Hope you're well.


    Skip the typepad colors, they suck. I'll get you a color generator to choose from. stay tuned!
    That photo is gorgeous!
    I have some ideas,i'll get with you on it.
    My site needs work. a LOT of work. no time, arrrgh.


    I love the new look, Nils!

    If you still want to change the look, let me know. I haven't worked with Typepad designs, but I would love to help in any way I can.


    Oh! And I forgot to mention -- that picture of the pond is BEAUTIFUL. So peaceful and serene... Wow...


    happy happy thanksgiving today, nils!


    What a beautiful picture, Nils! And I am suddenly struck with an almost forgotten longing to visit PEI, a longing that has burned inside of me since the first time I picked up Anne of Green Gables and fell in love with the picture of the area that Lucy Maud Montgomery wove in my head...


    'Nuff a dat! Nice digs!


    I like the new look as well. But I think it could be improved with more pictures of scantily clad women. But that is just my opinion.


    All seems pretty swanky, except for some odd reason, in Firefox, your masthead takes an extremely long time to load?? Is the image cut to that dimension, or is it larger and trying to force itself into too-small shoes in the CSS?


    Thanks to CircusKelli for reminding me. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! x


    Love the pond pic (sorry about your golf ball, hee) and the new look! And Happy Thanksgiving - heard that on Regis this am...enjoy!

    The Kept Woman

    Looks great.

    When I hear those dang things fly overhead I think two things...
    1. Dammit winter is coming.
    2. DO NOT look up with your mouth open.

    mon homme du cuchon (sp?)

    but it is a Pro V1? If so... you have every right to ... err.. umm... DISLIKE the pond.... Otherwise, enjoy the moment.


    I like the new look. I liked the old one, too, but this one is good.

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