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    September 27, 2006



    I'm tellin' ya folks...around my little finger. :)


    I would bet money that at least one puppy stays.


    ALLIE: But, of course! The cards were definitely stacked in your blue-eyed favor (favour)!

    NILS: Stop grumbling, 'cuz I just know you're going to get a least one very amusing post from the aftermath of "Five Puppies and a Writer."


    Just be glad it's not a litter of kittens she's bringing home. Animal experts agree that if you decide to adopt a baby animal, puppies can be adopted individually. Kittens, however, need to be acquired in pairs...for companionship. Of course, I know you've totally put your foot down about further adoption and you are a tower of strength when it comes down to looking into those innocent puppy faces with their floppy ears and fat, warm bellies know...tHey'RE So CuTE Aren'T theY?? YESH! You ARe juST A litTlE swEEtie Aren't You...awwww...look at that face! SUch a sw--*cough*

    I know you'll be strong. Focus on the poop all over your office floor and you'll find the strength to say "no". Right?

    Rob Paterson

    I cannot go to the Humane Society becuase I know I would leave with a new dog.

    Good Luck Nils - looks like you will have new members of the family soon


    Maybe you should add photos to thi cautionary tale so we could understand just how bad this is going to be for you ;-)


    I'm with Lala! I want cute widdle puppy photos!

    Allie - How do you get him to fall for it every time?


    Wordgirl- I never knew that, but must have instinctively because we got our kids two kittens about five years ago. I just thought it was mean to separate them and I am glad I knew better. They are best buds those brothers, I dunno what one would do without the other. Hmmmm...interesting.

    What kind of dogs are these?? Man, if my kids' allergies were not so bad, I would have a few doggies by now. Been reasearching what would work ok. All this dog talk makes me want one even more!!!

    Enjoy Nils! Are they in a whelping box?? When I was a kid and we bred dogs, my Dad built those, so none of the pups would get rolled on or anything. At least the mother will clean up their messes...EEWWWW!!

    Please...we must have photos...


    Have you no heart? When I used to work for the vet, I'd bring home sick puppies from time to time. These were the pups that the vet said would not make it, but I was naive enough to believe that if I stayed up all night long with a bottle and a blanket, I could save their very lives. Unfortunately, it never worked. Love and a bottle of formula were no match for warafin poisoning, or whatever else they would get into.

    My daughter now volunteers for the humane society also, and she has been threatened within an inch of her life not to bring anything living thing with four paws home. With 3 cats and a dog, I have enough mouths to feed.
    I predict when she moves out, she's gonna buy a farm to hold them all. ;)


    Somehow the "foster" part of foster home always ends up falling by the wayside.

    twisted uterus

    I am proud to say I failed as a foster parent....please see Slinky and Gracie for refrences.

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