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    September 12, 2006



    Ah, The First Day of School! When I was 6, I thought September was the first month of the year: school marked my calendar. And frankly, nothin's changed in (xx) years, either. Except that now, back across the pond and living in Texas, school starts in August... so I´ve been sharpening pencils and correcting papers for a few weeks now.

    Allie looks splendid. Hope she does teach middle school, because if it's high school, she'll blend in with the students :-))

    Sara Sue

    Ahhh tradition! I agree with ortizzle, she looks like a high school kid! You must be just beaming, huh?

    Lazy Lightning

    That was such a sweet post. She does look very nice, too.


    Hee hee! She makes me smile just looking at this picture!

    I have a couple "first day of school" pics from this year. Although, Buddy doesn't look nearly as pleased to be going into his new daycare center...


    First day of school picture. That's a lovely tradition.


    I can't tell you how much she reminds me of me at that age. In fact, I was studying what she is studying. I became a teacher of middle school English. And the smile on my face was the same. have all of the anticipation of life's twists and turns ahead of you and yet to be discovered. No wonder she looks happy. Who does she resemble more? You or your wife?


    She looks absolutely stunning, and so happy!

    I started out as an elementary education major and quickly changed to psychology. After having my children, and after going through SO MUCH with my son, I've decided to go back to school to pursue a Master's degree in psychology with the intent of helping children in *some* way.


    What beautiful women have grown up in your house!


    Lyn and Candace - they ARE beautiful, both of them. And smart. And funny. And happy. But what I'm proudest of is that they're just genuinely nice people.

    WG - to deepen your sense of deja vu, I'll tell you that her grandfather is German. So, yeah .. you, Mark II.

    As for who she looks like ... when she stands beside her mom, people remark on the resemblance. Show them a picture of my baby sister at that age, and they go "Whoa!"

    Squirl - yeah, we're glad we did it and kept at it. It's a nice permanent record.

    CK - I grin every time I look at it, too. She's got an infectious smile, doesn't she?

    LL - thanks, I was going for "sweet". Next year - as I once again face my age - it may stray more to the "bitter" side.

    Sara, as long as you've known me, you know I'm ALWAYS beaming about my girls.

    O - She was astute enough to know she'd have problems with her looks as a high school teacher - that's why she went with middle school.


    You know, when she's 30, she'll look 20, and when she's 40, she'll look 25.
    That's really going to be cool when they ask her for her ID to buy beer.

    And you're right, you have beautiful girls! Congrats, Allie. :)


    This from a woman who knows what it's like to look decades younger than she is ...


    Allie, you are fabulous.




    I love your tradition and I love this photo. Isn't this the face of the daughter we all want? The girl next door? And what lucky kids to file into the classroom someday and see that smile coming from their teacher!!


    Thanks everybody for the compliments.

    This is one of my favourite traditions, one that has been going on since my first day of nursery school nineteen years ago. This is the first time I've had to stand alone. But Erin and I will both be teachers, so by the time I retire in 32 years, hopefully we'll have a collection of 51 years of sisters-on-the-first-day-of-school pics.


    I don't know how we'll show years number 21 and up, though ... ten toes and two fingers worked for grade 12 ... maybe we'll have to start making posters or something instead.

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