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    September 10, 2006



    ooo...pwetty. why number 56? what are the other 55? :)


    I do this all of the time and I can't seem to keep that lesson in my head until I've already found myself violating it once again. Thanks for the reminder.


    I think you got the right photo here. Those egrets need to stay in the background where they belong!




    I am constantly missing the big picture. Case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

    As far as your photo goes, the narrow depth of field used to create the soft shadow of the spindly bird and its reflection is absolutely perfect, and I am so jealous because *that* is a photo I wish *I* had taken. Enlarge it and frame it. From a purely photographic standpoint, that IS the big picture. :-)


    Hi, Nils!

    Wow, what a lovely picture! And, yes... so very true... I'm guilty of focusing on the wrong thing all weekend this past weekend.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Laura's right - them birds are always hoggin' the spotlight. Hmmmph!


    I like it.

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