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    September 13, 2006



    From now on, I think we should bombard you with memes. :)


    interesting...i don't listen to too much music, so i wouldn't be able to answer that questionnaire.


    LOL! I'm with Laura!

    The Beatles? Really? Wow. Those are some of my favorite Beatles' songs, too.

    This post made me laugh -- the part about whether or not we're bringing the dead musicians back and if not, making sure the musicians weren't long dead...

    And I think you're right to take your chances with the sharks if Yoko's included in the deal.

    As I was reading this tonight, Sweet Pea saw your picture along the side there and wanted to know if you were my grandpa! LOL!

    Lastly, a half hour? I'm guessing this meme took you longer than that... ;)


    I LOVE Gerald Mc BoingBoing! the cartoon is brilliant. hats off to the National Film Board o Canada.

    ok, meme time.

    What is the first music you remember hearing?
    Thats a toss-up. Either "Mama Told Me Not To Come" on a 45 that my mom had (Three Dog Night, btw) or "Will We Make It Through December?" by Merle Haggard, which has got to be the MOST disturbing depressing song ever written, and my dad LOVED it. urg. I get violently ill whenever I hear any of it now ever.

    Did you come from a musical family?
    The folks were good listeners - jazz, blues, folk, country AND western, and the occasional pop tune.
    But no, that was my big teenage rebellion - to go into music studies. I BEGGED for a piano. I still am begging.

    Do you remember a lullaby from your childhood? If so, what is it?

    Nope, not a one.

    What song(s) changed my life?

    It would be a broadcast, not a song. 1976, the Metropolitan Opera, Wagners Der Fliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman)
    Yeah, "Die Frist Ist um" allright.
    I had never heard anything so cool in my life.

    If you could have dinner with three dead musicians which three would you choose and why?

    Mozart, Mozart and Mozart.

    You are stranded on a deserted island. You are allowed the complete musical works of one band and its members. Which band or musician would you choose?

    See the last answer. Although giving up getting to hear the Replacements play "Unsatisfied" ever again will be kinda rough.

    Does music play in your head? If so, what is playing right now?

    I get earbuds pretty badly, so just about anything tends to stay in there for a REALLY long time.

    Can music truly soothe the savage beast? If so, what music soothes your beast?

    Bizet? BIZET? Soothing? Passionate, emotional, and driven, yes, but soothing?

    hmmm...that says a LOT, Nils, and I'm just going to leave that alone right now. ;)


    Uhm, good thing you decided to pass that jewel of a lullaby on to your own kids.


    Sara Sue

    I'm cracking up at Allie! I love the answers that came out of this one (if I do say so myself). I guess you really can get to know people from a meme! Thanks for playing along, y'all!


    What is the first music you remember hearing? My first clear memory is of George Jones and my mama cleaning house on a Saturday morning.

    Did you come from a musical family? Not really..well, we don't actually play any instruments, but music has always been a large part of our family. We're all singers, for good or for bad, we all sing.

    Do you remember a lullaby from your childhood? If so, what is it? Not one particular lullaby, but I always sang and hummed myself to sleep.

    What song(s) changed your life? "Don't Cry Daddy" by Elvis Presley...I was maybe 10 when I fist heard it.."Last Kiss" by J. Frank Wilson..awesome, awesome songs.

    If you could have dinner with three dead musicians which three would you choose and why? Elvis Presley, Mama Cass, Johnny Cash. Why? That should pretty much be self love them!

    You are stranded on a deserted island. You are allowed the complete musical works of one band and its members. Which band or musician would you choose? Elvis Presley..he had it all...

    Does music play in your head? If so, what is playing right now? YES!..I have this children's song running in my head.."Where is thumbkin? Where is thumbkin? There he is, there he is"

    Can music truly soothe the savage beast? If so, what music soothes your beast?

    Yes, I believe it does sooth a savage beast. My beast is always soothed by Andrea Bocelli


    Okay...I won't do the entire meme here, but will say that I agree with your choice of Lennon...and I'll raise you a George Harrison. As for the song playing in my head at present? "Grab a Chicken...Put it Back" by Peter Frampton.


    Can I just say how very happy I am that you corrected that long-held mis...conception? Hearing? Miswhatever: music hath charms to soothe the savage breast.

    I'm going to do this one, I think, on my own space.

    Jim Fogg

    The first song I remember noticing was Nat King Cole..Rambling Rose..must have been played on CJOB on a Sunday morning for a shut-in, then a lot of Floyd Cramer and Vera Lynne. My entire family sings and sings pretty well. We could break into 4 part harmony without thinking about it. I know an inordinate number of songs from the 30-40's like Shine On Harvest Moon, Heart of my Heart, It's Only A Shanty In Old Shanty Town, sung on road trips..I always have song in my head right now, it's Oh My My by Ringo Starr..Ringo was the first "modern" album.. eight track actually he purchased and he played the crap of it...


    First music I remember hearing was in church, with a big pipe organ up in front overhead of the preacher's stage, and my dad beside me singing "I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses".
    Dad's favorite hymn was _Blessed Assurance_ and as soon as I learned that Alan Jackson had made a CD recording, I went and sent one for my mom.
    My sister says she plays it all.the.time.

    The first time I remember hearing _'Til there was you_ was Andy Williams, and I'm thinking it was on his tv show.

    Aww, those last two words Show Tunes.
    So now in my mind I have a memory John Cusack as a nutty college kid wooing Daphne Zuniga in the movie _The Sure Thing_. Tim Robbins driving the car.
    Great, Great flick. I'll have to see if VHS is still on my romance shelf.


    I love the Beatles, too. My older brother brought the Beatles and the Beach Boys into our home.

    Till There Was You is a favorite of mine, whether it's from the Beatles or Music Man. I love show tunes, too.

    I think I'm going to do this one and put it on my site. I hardly ever post anything without pictures these days. It could be a relief for folks. :)


    I'm glad you had this attitude about music for your kids: that they had to study it. The discipline pays off. Sometimes you even end up enjoying music! No, of course it's supposed to be fun but becoming better often is frustrating. You can't challenge yourself without that.

    Congratulations to you kids for pursuing it farther!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Aaaaah, Bizet. I love to listen to "Carmen" at top volume.

    I'm also with you on loving all kinds of music. In my youth, I was very finicky about what I liked, and could name lots of styles I despised. Now that I'm older, my tastes have really broadened, and my ears are now as open as my legs.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    ...and when I say my tastes have broadened, I mean I also like broads.


    Well, Mr. McBoingBoing, this was most enjoyable, and I will keep it in mind and may blog it soon. But I must say:
    "Can we assume that the dead musicians would be brought back to life for the dinner? Because if not, I’ll take the most recently deceased."
    Geez, I love you. I can just picture you there at the dinner table with the rotting corpses . . . oh, Nils, thanks, I needed that tonight ;)


    Interesting, "Poor Babes" is the first one I remember too.


    Musical meme is one i want to expand my knowledge. I first here music when I go to school in my kinder stage. I love music since when I hear its beautiful tune and easy to remember. My sister is the one who taught me how to sing and make music. Little Indian Boy is the one song I remember and memorized until now. Gospel music is the song change my life where I start praise and serve GOD, pray to him thtough music and ask help to him. I love this review it flashback my time when I was in childhood. EXCELLENT!

    Alice Tobler

    "Babes in the Woods" was one of the many songs my mother taught us three kids. She learned them all from her mother, and so on and so on. When my oldest son was about two years old, I was singing this song while washing dishes at the sink. He was seated beneath our old stove that had a waist-high oven and room enough to hide beneath. I didn't know he was right there, until I finished the song and heard his strangled sobs as he asked, "Who dem babes? Dem babes Stevie and Scottie, I know!" (They were his first cousins, one and two years older than he.) I tried to assure him that no, "dem babes" were not Stevie and Scottie, but he refused to believe me. He kept on sobbing and insisting that yes indeed, dem babes were Stevie and Scottie. He just thought I was trying to break the news to him gently. He didn't actually believe me until he finally saw for hinself, several days later, that Stevie and Scottie were OK after all. I don't know if I warped the poor child's psyche irreparably. He seems to be OK now, 50 years later!


    One of the first songs I remember hearing as a child was "Third Man Theme" and another one I heard about the same time was "Whispering Grass" by the Ink Spots. Those were a couple of my favorites. About Babes in the Woods...I sang that song to both of my ages 45 years and 28 years and both of them hated it when they got old enough to understand the lyrics! My daughter literally asked me not to sing it because she "hated it", when she was about three or four years old so I stopped singing it until years later when our son came along. I really didn't like the lyrics so used most of the first section and wrote many verses which essentially have a moral that says don't go wandering in the woods by yourself, if you don't want to end up like these two little babes. I love the melody and now that I have reworded it so that the children aren't "stolen" away but instead wander makes a good warning lullaby but is also melodic and helpful in getting little ones to sleep.

    Melissa Bailey

    My mother changed the lyrics to Babes in the Woods.

    Oh don't you remember a long time ago
    Two babes in the woods whose names I don't know
    Were strolling away one fair summer day
    And were lost in the woods I've heard people say.

    And when came the night how sad was their plight
    The sun went down and the stars gave no light
    They sobbed and the sighed and the little birdies cheeped
    Poor babes in the woods they laid down to sleep.

    And when they were sleeping the robins so red
    Brought strawberry leaves and over them spread
    And sang a sweet song the whole night long
    Poor babes in the woods, poor babes in the woods.

    And when came the morning to their delight
    Their daddy had found them during the night
    This taught them a lesson no more should they roam
    So always stay close to your home sweet home.

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