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    September 28, 2006



    Oh my GOSH! WOOK! Wook at de widdle puppies! Ooooo! They're so cute, yes they are! So cute! So widdle iddle! Such cute itty bitty tiny puppies...

    Heh, Dude... they are SO staying...



    the best quote?

    ...What am I, new? But hey, you want to fool yourself, go ahead...

    yeah, Nils, you have nice guy stamped all over ya. And wouldn't one of the puppies make a perfect after-wedding present for the newly-married Erin?

    I know I owe you an email - huge fundraiser guessed it, and animal shelter on Oct. 6-8th, and then I can breathe a little.


    Ahhh, super-cute!

    When we took in a pregnant cat and raised her 7 kittens, we ended up with 2 of them permanently. It happens. I'm just saying.


    I didn't think anything would get to me as much as a picture of the puppies, but... OMG, the expression on the Mommy Dog's face. How COULD they have walked away??? Look at 'er! Give the Mommy Dog a hug for me. (Not mentioning the puppies cuz I *know* they will be cuddled senseless.)


    Oh my goodness, I can't believe someone wanted to euthanize a pregnant, healthy dog! We should euthanize that person! Geez! And OH. MY. LORD. I want a puppy! Can you airmail one or two to me? :)


    Awww, congrats Grandpa!


    ok, so you really don't think that you're going to get away without keeping one of those puppies, right? Cause dude, it sounds like your daughter played you like a well oiled them, they're cute!


    My friend and her husband took in a pregnant cat and they ended up keeping ALL SIX KITTENS. Because she named them. Just don't name them.

    And could you put a couple of those puppies in the mail for me, please? Thanks.


    So now, we need names. Five boys and three girls, and we need them to share a common theme (like, how our pets are Annie, Oliver and Roxy-- musical theatre theme). Suggestions?

    Closet Metro

    Your office will never smell the same.


    I love your daughter. I really, really do.

    And I think you should polish up the old food bowls, because you are SO getting a puppy...


    Grandpa! Bwahahahaha!

    Names for the puppies:
    The Brown One
    The Black One
    The Brown and Black One
    The Brown One With The Pink Nose...


    Dough, Ray, Me, Fall, Soul, Law, Tea and D'oh.

    Or Snoopy, Odie, Pluto, Rowlf, Sprocket, Marmaduke, Grommit, and Finnigan (Canadian TV, for that last one, eh?)


    Clever kids can be such a pain in the ass, no? Awwww, but just wook at the widdle puppies.... they're so cute!


    AH! Erin beat me to it with the names... Before reading these comments, I thought about naming them after the Von Trapp Family. :)


    oh i know...the mom dog looks like she rocks - she has that happy look on her face.

    How are the cats dealing with this?

    Sara Sue

    So...if she hadn't been preggo the vet would have put her down?? If that's the case, man, thank God she was!

    And congrats on the new addition(s)!


    I am struggling to contain the almost overwhelming desire to lapse into puppy talk. I'm not going to lie to you; it's a struggle.

    That being said, AAAAAAWW! Who's a good puppy dog?! Who?!


    The boys: Larry, Mo, Curly, Harpo, and Groucho. (Think about cool would it be to have a dog named Larry? "Hey Larry, get in the car. Hey Larry, want a biscuit?"

    The girls: Pinky, Twinky, and Slinky

    My work here is done. And please tell me someone is adopting mama.


    Stampy- I've got a bet going with the shelter attendants that WE end up with mama. Actual Mom has already fallen in love with her.


    No new dogs. That is all.


    Heh... Well, technically, the Mom isn't a *new* dog, is she? :)


    FedEx me one :) I'm sick, I can get away with things like bringing puppies home. Or soliciting them over the internet.


    you all have done a great thing--i wish there were more people as caring and I wish there were more people who would spay, neuter, adopt, resuce and take having a pet as a lifetime committment.

    I thank your daughter ( and you too for giving her a place)for caring for momma and pups.

    so in addition to momma, which pup will you be keeping? there is always room for one or two more.


    I like the way you think!!! What's a few more pounds of dog hair in the vacuum?



    Cranky Chick

    I am officially more in love with you than I was yesterday. But I also think your daughter rocks beyond words...

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