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    September 07, 2006



    It is difficult to take that leap without the safety net, but how sweet the results when you see the success. Keep spinning, little spider.


    So long as you don't get a face-full of spiderweb, you'll manage. And selling stories like your parents' story should keep you high & dry (for a little bit at least!)

    Happy Thursday!


    The one big score. Yeah...I hear you. I'm waiting for that, too. Sometimes I feel foolish for still believing it's ever going to happen. You, however, are bound for greatness.


    You are indeed destined for greatness, Nils. We all are. It's just waiting there inside of us, looking for a way out.

    By the way, how do you know the spider is a she?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Like spiders, full-time writers have to make their own nets.

    But dammit, I draw the line at eating flies!


    Photos? On THIS Blog??
    Admit stole Allie's brand new camera and she's NEVER gonna get it back!




    Thank you for this post. It is resonating.


    Spiders are pretty cool, until you walk, face first, into a web.

    Good comparison there.


    That looks very similar to the spider who has chosen our back porch for its home.
    The web is attached to the railing, the post, the gutter, and the downspout.
    I can walk under it, but my guys are tall enough that one of the strands crosses the head and/or shoulder, and it is amazing how fast the replacement happens.
    Two days ago, Chris tried taking down the whole web, captured the spider in a plastic container, and carried it over behind he garage.
    Next morning, the web was completely redone between the railing and the gutter.
    Apparently, Location is Everything.

    If only the human construction workers on Main Street were so industrious! we would have all three lanes open by now!


    I've always liked spiders... now I know why.

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