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    September 01, 2006



    yay! beautifully written :)

    Tracy Lynn

    Thank you, Nils. I can't recall the last time I enjoyed a story more.


    LOL! I love that! Great story, Nils! Thank you!


    Well, thank goodness garlic bread was a staple in the Ling household. Or as Katharine Whitehorn so aptly expressed it in (O.K., a now ancient publication) *Cooking in a Bedsitter*: “If your friends don’t like garlic... get new friends.”

    Good to hear that Eva found her own happiness, with or without the garlic bread.

    And now... pass the garlic bread, please. (....) What? There’s none left?! Better get to work on the screenplay, Nils. :-)))


    yes. :)


    Wow, this hits really close to home. When I first started reading this story and knew what your Dad did to Eva, I didn't think much of it.

    Over the course of the summer, it has come out that my own husband has been in touch with an ex-girlfriend. Only problem is, there is actually a spark there, he lied to me for almost a year about being in touch, met up with her on vacation this past July, flirted mercilessly with her in front of three of our young children. Acted totally inappropriately, went off alone with her many times. Two of our sons who witnessed this have actually asked if Daddy is going to leave us and go be with her, that is how obvious he and her were. And he has the gall to wonder why I am upset?

    Anyway, don't want to depress anyone. If you want to read a bit about the heartbreak, feel free to go to my August 5th post in my blog.

    I think I have been in a bit of a haze about the entire thing and this has brought me out of it again. Thanks, Nils! I have some thinking to do...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I think garlic bread and relationship talk both have the same effect on me.


    Great ending. Always counting on Nilbo to bring out the humor in an uncomfortable situation. :)

    Ahem. "humour"



    Please, please, please publish this story.



    What they say about bread being the staff of life is true and I guess that goes double for garlic bread. Your words are just as nourishing. This has been a wonderful story to look forward to. So...what's next? Your own "how we met" story?


    Thank you for the wonderful story. You are so fortunate to have so much detail. I know a bit about my parents' history, but I'd have to embellish a lot to make it into a real tale. Lovely, lovely history.

    Jim Fogg

    Bravo......about covers it!


    Such nice reading on a sunny Saturday on a holiday weekend.
    You, Sir, are a knight in shining armor!


    I love the spacing of the events, and the perspectives. Every life has a million stories, but few are as artfully told as this. And you're welcome to share our garlic bread any time.

    Sara Sue

    I'm giving you a standing ovation! Excellent!! Thank you.

    Sara Sue

    "a land so flat you can sit on your porch and watch your dog run away for four days." This was priceless :)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    So...WAS there any more garlic bread?


    There is always more garlic bread. And since my parents taught me how to make it, I don't imagine I will ever run out.


    So, what do we read now?


    There's an epilogue to come. In the meantime, I'm sure you can find lots of nice stuff to read ...



    Hurray for garlic bread! mmmm, that sounds like the basis for my dinner now....

    LOVED the story! Let us know when and through whom you will be publishing this story so we can all go out and buy a copy or two and make you a thousand-aire (there aren't quite enough of us here to make you a millionaire, I don't think)

    Wunderbar! Danke schoen!

    Merveilleuse! Extraordinaire!


    That was a great story. I hope you enjoyed telling it as much as we enjoyed reading it.

    The Kept Woman

    So...was there anymore garlic bread?!?!?!?

    Thank you. The story was beautiful and what a great family history to have saved to be handed down from generation to generation.

    Catherine Ann

    That's your ending...But you can always count on garlic bread? Beautiful story Ling.

    Sophia Kreuz

    Hey Nils! Oh my gosh, I never heard this story before! It's so amazing, you wrote it so well! Looking forward to more postings!


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