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    August 28, 2006



    ahh, the old pee in the cup trick, huh. Does she run along behind you as you walk down the old country road, heading into the village for a pint or two?

    Sara Sue

    AHAHAHA! Laura you slay me! How did you do it, Nils?? I've never had to do such a thing, thank God! Please...I must know how this was accomplished!



    Y'all bored up there on the island today or somethin?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Was this urine specimin required by a veterinarian, or is it part of some depraved scavenger hunt?

    If it's the latter, oount me in.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    "oount me in"?

    What the fuck kind of Ameri/Canadian hybrid is "oount"?

    Um, I meant "Count."


    That must have been the HARDEST thing in the world to do--your dog was looking at you like WTF???!! I'm peeing, man!

    You don't know how hard it was NOT to pester you about the next chapter....*doing the happy dance over here in Ontario about chapter 15*


    I was a Vet Tech. There are all manner of ways to get urine from animals. Thankfully, I have blocked most of them from my mind.

    I hope all is well with Roxy???

    YAY!! Chapter 15. No problem with the not nagging. Incredible things are worth waiting for.


    Of course we wouldn't nag. Would we nag? We are SO not a nagging bunch.


    Ew. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

    Can we nag just a little?


    Heh, I just now got the title. (Shut up.)

    scarlett wanna be

    Holy Crap! I am so glad I read this. I could have given you a urine sample after reading your post title. What a wonderful play on words.

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