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    August 18, 2006



    Oh wow, Nils! What a lovely picture!

    Tell us about that... did you take it? where? when?


    oooh...very pretty.


    Wow--look at the beautiful rainbow leading to the treasure--a pointsettia? or is it a pretty lily of some kind...beautiful!

    Having some good weather over your way then!



    I think that is a lily. Reminds me of Tiger Lilies from good ole Saskatchewan!

    Is this in a garden or does it grow naturally like the ones all over Sask??


    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us.


    ooohhhhh...was that in your yard?


    I love it when I happen to be in the right place at the right time so that I can witness something as pretty as this.




    I took the photo a couple of weeks ago in my backyard. It is, in fact, a lily - the evening light and weather conditions combined to do something funky with the colour. In truth, it was hard to capture the true colour at that time of the evening ... the brighter sky backlit the flower and almost silhouetted it. Some judicious use of fill flash brightened things up a bit - so now it's close. Still ... I like the mood of this shot - feels right.


    ooh, cool!


    The lily is exquisite. (I don't think I have ever seen one that exact color.)

    But the rainbow.... is just.... magic. Your photos have the same delicacy and mastery as your writing.

    More, please. (Photos or Chapter 15, whichever comes first, heh, heh...)


    Oooo! I vote for photos AND Chapter 15!!


    The third time I looked at the picture, I thought, well, yeah, that's a lovely shot. The light is right, and the rainbow is framed very well.

    However, I gotta say that the first two times, as I scrolled down, I thought about the pretty pink gloved finger salute to the blue sky.

    I should know better than to think ill of you, dear Nilbo.


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