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    August 20, 2006



    a very nice story--it made me smile. and i never would have thought someone might use the term "buttery soft" in a golf story :)


    This was awesome! Right when you said the ball went into the palm of your hand, I was thinking, "OH MAN! That would smart really bad!" That was pretty funny when the guy said it would have been cool if you had nailed the double play. LOL You were a bit distracted by an almost broken hand, man, What did he expect! LOL

    I am so similar to you. I play it cool all the time. To the detriment of my family sometimes. I can be very hard to read and this causes a lot of problems. I still have not learned to balance that and show more emotion when it is needed.

    I am off to Canada today to pick two of my kids up from visiting my parents in good ole Saskatoon. Wanna know what is on my list to get first?? An Iced Capp from Tim Horton's and some yummy Old Dutch chips:) YUM!!! I will think of you when I eat them.


    Great story, Nils. Of course, I'm just so freakin' cool, I wouldn't possibly be able to identify with that whole "not cool" thing.

    (I'm also fulla crap, but you know... I don't wanna let on...)


    A perfectly written post, as always.

    I can relate to this. I actually wish I were able to not play it cool so much - with family and friends, I should be able to let my guard down and show how I really feel about things. But usually I don't. Even on the trip, when we'd be seeing something incredible, I'd play it cool. One time the guys were oohing and aahing over something and Mojo said, "We're freaking out here and Kelly's totally cool." He acted as if they were the weaker for it, but I knew differently.


    Well...easy enough if you occasionally DO stuff in an impressive manner. I wonder about myself sometimes...and when my 15 minutes get here so that I can don the crooked smile and pick up the broken tee like it was nothing. I hope I don't have to wait too long. You, on the other hand, seem to live that kind of life. And then you have the nerve to go and write so damned beautifully. Like you said..."buttery soft". that.


    Great stuff. Too bad Zinedine Zidane ( didn’t read something like this before he totally lost his cool. And the World Cup.

    Me, I got no room to talk. I am totally cool when a little enthusiasm would do, and totally out of control when it would be cool... to cool it.


    But I will remember this post the next time a crackthwap comes my way. :-)


    What Club did you use?

    I had a similar slow pitch softball story except the 6000mph ball hit me in the groin and I could not help but look totally uncool in the situation as I rolled on the mound for 10 minutes.


    Visiting your site is one of the best things in my life-you are a treasure.


    I am convinced that my wife's uterus stole all of my cool right after it rid itself of my first born.

    Very nice story. (Alas, if I stil had cool, I would have said something eloquent.)


    "Buttery soft" describes a perfectly efficient transfer of energy. Wonderful when it happens even if just shifting gears or painting a stroke on a canvas.

    "But at the very least, if I act cool, I'll be the only one who knows how much it stings."

    It's a little white lie, sending the message "that didn't hurt" to nearby children. They may be better served if we cuss and stamp, then pick up the glove again and play ball.

    Jim Fogg

    I still pitch on a mixed slo-pitch team. Sometimes when we're kicking the ball around, I try to get someone to smack a shot at me, so maybe I can make a play. The best are the ones you don't see and snag anyway. Nothing better than just dropping the ball on the mound and strolling off like it's just another day at the office. Never let em see you sweat,cringe or feel pain.

    I moan and groan at home, where it's likely I'll get little or no sympathy. lol


    While I don't do sports, I can appreciate a good sports story. I don't do cool very well, either. I do dork, though.


    Great post, very well written (as I expect when I come over here). Not too surprising that you are drawing on sports examples. Sports are a great metaphor for life. Calling golf a sport, however, is a bit of a stretch in my book. ;)


    Great post! I think we all care too much what others think some times so we try to act cool instead of just being ourselves. I did "let go" the first time I made par by jumping up and down on the green - much to my husband's horror.


    For two months, to cover a medical leave, I was working the Beginners room at the daycare.
    I'm not sure why having 16 two-year-olds is called the Beginners Room, but the main activity to be accomplished was POTTY TRAINING before promotion season came round again.

    As a Sub, I had my own idea about how well the schedule should happen, and I marked a big RED star on every chart when the trip to the potty was successful.
    One time, with an especially difficult boy, we had a dry day, all day. As his mom was pulling the paper off the clipboard, I did a plump lady happy dance, and was bragging on that boy like crazy.
    A few minutes later, one little girl went potty just fine.
    She wasn't satisfied with only the lovely red star, she looked up hopefully and said "Diane Dance?"
    Definitely one of the times I was glad to oblige.


    Palming a baseball or softball through the mitt hurts like fire. Under those circumstances, cool is most definitely over-rated. I'm not a golfer, but that's one helluva story. And the golf didn't even distract me from the point! ;)


    What an awesome post! I could feel that ball hit. Made me cringe.

    The Kept Woman

    Whew, glad that turned away from golf'd a lost me after talking about those birdie and bogie things.

    Cool is something we strive for because as humans we want that peer acceptance and approval. Being cool is hard (not that I'm remotely close to it, but so I've heard...).

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    It's hard to plan cool.

    Like my sister, I just count on dorkiness. At least then I am not disappointed.


    What iron did you hit? What was your final score for 18?

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