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    August 23, 2006



    "... bare, hairy legs. Fine. These ones."

    So I hope you chose just the right bare, hairy legs. And I hope they matched the shoes. ;-)


    Hey now, Allie. Hold up there just gol-danged minute. I actually thought those Cloggs looked pretty cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah the Crocs just need a trip to the incinerator, but those other shoes are stylish, hip and not all stuffy. And I'm all for shirts and pants (most of the time), too. I'm sure your dad is just pulling your leg. Right? I mean...isn't he? Allie?

    Maybe Allie should come to Texas and help my oldest son dress. Honestly, if I didn't know better, I'd think I had sex with a hobo back in 1988 and Greyson was the result. Poor baby.


    Ortizzle's and WordGirl's comments cracked me up! (Seriously! "...had sex with a hobo back in 1988..." That's some funny stuff!)

    So, um... are you gonna tell us what all the sudden concern over your clothes is about? What? A new dress code at the office? No?

    Do we get to see pictures??

    Oh, and where's Chapter 15, Nils?


    Aren't you glad you asked Allie first?!!


    12 indeed.

    Sara Sue

    Yeah! What Kelly said!!??


    I'm from Florida and highly confused. Why are all your slacks only made of wool? Get thee to the store and buy some decent slacks for summer!


    Shorts and a golf shirt are perfectly fine for an important meeting as long as you wear dark dress socks. That way they will know you are serious.


    :) that always happens in my house, except it's my mom and my dad. i provide the third opinion [and almost always side with my dad--haha.]


    Hee, William!

    And Allie, you are a good woman.

    And Nilbo, whatever it is, good luck!


    I know, some people get confused at dressing in warm weather! Luckily you have Allie. SOME people have ended up on TV doing an interview in L.A. wearing jeans and loafers and no socks. PEOPLE FROM CALIFORNIA DO NOT DRESS LIKE THAT! (I'm looking at you, Matt Lauer.)

    I'm sure you'll make a good first impression!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Are you my long-lost twin brother born slightly ahead of me?

    At least Allie doesn't pinch you down when YOU pick the wrong clothes. I'm so very bruised...teeny, tiny little bruises.


    No picture? Where's the picture?



    hairy legs:

    matching shoes:

    The Kept Woman

    What? And we don't get a picture of the final product?

    I feel so gyped...


    Re: Ortizzle's comment-


    Bare hairy legs... You should have shaved them. Then it wld have been OK!


    Oops, one of my previous links conked out.

    Anyway, here’s the whole enchildada, in full garb:

    If he hadn’t listened to Alle:

    If he had compromised:


    Men who are not worried about the shorts, the wool, the shoes or the hairy legs:


    HA! Oh Nilbo, good luck!


    I have bare hairy legs all the time. I have more testosterone than my three brothers put together, it is amazing I got pregnant four times and then had milk for them. That is how un-feminine I am.

    Nils' legs sound just like mine! The problem is, mine are not supposed to look like that. Another reason I despise summer!

    I have to say, those crocs are...hideous? *wincing* Don't hit me! I am sure they are comfy but...GAG.


    Those crocs are gross. I think Heather (Dooce) and her husband did a number of posts about shoes like that. They really are bad. Maybe not to work in the garden, but sheesh, a meeting???

    Good thing you have a loving daughter to help you.


    Thank you too all of you who agree with me on the whole Crocs issue (and yes, you're right Squirl, Dooce and Jon have been fighting about his Crocs for awhile. With Dooce in my corner, I feel like I might win this fight!). There is no social situation, unless you are involved in a gardening group, for which these are acceptable footwear.


    Yeah, yeah, whatever. Go mow the lawn.

    Sara Sue

    Hee Hee!

    boy spanking

    Doesn`t matter what you say, but how...!! But you said it well

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