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    August 29, 2006



    Can I pause here just a moment to say how utterly fabulous you look? Those are great colors on you. Oh...and...don't accidentally shake hands with your left, either.


    Is that a Monet tie?


    Wow--look at you--no bare hairy scary legs in sight and nary a clog or a croc to be seen!

    Did we ever tell you that you clean up well?


    Whoops I meant "nary a clog NOR a croc"--my bad!


    a) You look awesome.
    b) I had a hunch you were a golden shower type of guy.


    I am taking full credit for the lack or bare, hairy legs and crocs.


    Roxy - Good girl!!

    Nils - Well turned out!

    Allie - Thank god!!


    Handsome man even if he has been playing with pee pee.

    Favorite line: I gave her a cookie, which wipes her memory clean, and we tried again.

    Wish that cookie thing would work for humans!!!


    Yes, just keep that hand in your pocket...or, maybe not. That might make it seem like you're some sort of pervert.

    Of course, with Torrie's golden shower comment, you just might be.


    Oh, too funny! I hate to tell you that I was able to perform this same task a little more successfully. Also used a foil pie pan. Dog gave me a funny look but had no problem peeing right in the pan, first try, too! OK, you can hate me.


    Nils, you're lookin' mighty fine in that picture, darlin.

    And that cookie thing totally works on me... it works with hot fudge brownie sundaes, too.


    May I just second all the other commenters?
    In that outfit, I'd vote for you too. ;)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    So...did the vet confirm that it was, in fact, urine?

    Sara Sue

    ahahahaha!! The Pee Pee Collector!

    You do look smashing! What's the meeting the Queen's rep. all about...did I miss something?


    Very sharp!!! Love the choice of colors. Good work, Allie.

    Nils: See how you instinctively do not let the right hand know what the left hand has done?



    Total studmuffin.

    If I'm ever at your house, I will decline any food offered to me in a Tupperware container.


    I like the memory-deleting cookie line, too. Some dogs are just that way.

    Good outfit, too.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Cookies don't do it for me, but nookie wipes out ALL bad memories.


    Bucky, Bucky, Bucky.



    Still hot...


    Mighty fine looking...


    Nils, you are one sexy, sexy bastard...

    Now, where's Chapter 15, eh?

    The Kept Woman

    I hope you weren't collecting the urine sample while wearing your fancy threads.

    You look great!

    Sara Sue

    Yeah...weren't we promised Chapter 15 days ago??


    um, you remember you said "Thanks for not nagging about Chapter 15", well, that was then and this is now.

    Consider this the first official NAG from me!


    Not at all hideous. Quite dashing, in fact.

    I certainly hope you threw out that Tupperware lid.


    Hey,'s about a little Chapter 15 for the weekend?

    and Yeah, toss the plastic lid. A dozen times through the dishwasher still wouldn't be clean enough for me.

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