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    August 04, 2006



    YAY! Chapter THIRTEEN!!! WOOOO!!! Thank you, Nils!!

    *bouncing up and down in chair*

    Ok. Now I'm gonna go read it...


    Again with leaving us hanging...

    And with all due respect to you and your family, your mom is hot.


    Ooooo.... *goosebumps*

    Ok. I promise not to bug you about the next Chapter until... Tuesday. ;)


    yay! new chapter. that was really beautiful and well worth the wait. i'm so glad he said the truth!! :)



    I burst into tears in the first few words.

    Hurry up with more, please!


    That was EXACTLY the way I'd hoped it would go!!!

    And a PICTURE too??!! Totally spoiling us--that pic should be on the cover of the book when you publish it....

    And your Dad? Not too shabby, if I do say so myself! ;)



    *sighhhhh* Their story is so romantic.

    >>a massive mahogany cabinet around a glass screen
    You have such an eye for details.


    As always, the story is captivating and just beautiful, as are your parents. What a wonderful legacy! Thanks for letting us share in your history.


    One word told her so much "Verna"

    And the photographer being an honest man, and the cost of film and chemicals---that little detail was juuust right. (Spoken as the wife of a former photographer)

    I think I can hang on now, until the next chapter.

    Thank you!

    ~~love and Huggs, Diane
    Oh, and if I may hijack your audience---
    Since I'm gushing so much about your entries, my mister at Decrepit Old Fool has a story he wrote and put up today 4 August 06 but your security measures don't allow html code symbols for a direct link.
    Would you go check it out?


    Thanks for suggesting that, Diane .. and I'd suggest others go have a read too: cut n paste
    into your browser. Lovely film noir story.


    The photo.

    The story.


    :-)))))))))))) (I hunted around for this because your Dad’s profile really reminded me of Van Johnson. Did anyone ever used to tell him that? Liz, of course, pales in comparison to your Mom.)

    Sara Sue

    Beautiful! (sniff) Just beautiful!


    Wow--I just looked at the pic of Van Johnson supplied by ortizzle--very good likeness--that's the guy, Rolf, from the Sound of Music who broke Lisel's heart, isn't it?!


    Wow! My goosebumps got goosebumps. I'm loving this story!!


    See? You brought us FULL CIRCLE in thirteen lovely chapters. Yeah...I know Justin still has a lot of 'splaining to do, but I think his heart is in the right place. I still marvel at a life-long relationship can be based on a few conversations and a two-year stretch of no communication at all. Was it a good marriage?


    well...he did say the ring has NEVER been off, and if the marriage went sour or had some big bumps in the road, you figure she would have chucked it at him at least once.


    Melanie B

    One word: BRAVO!


    still smiling. ;)


    Wow, wow, wow!! I didn't think things like that really happened. Love the picture - she really is a head turner.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    They're both worried daddy's gonna kick his ass, aren't they?

    And as for picking not only a ring she loved, but one in the right size? My hat's off to yer pop.


    Yeah, Bucky's right. He picked the right ring and the right size, lucky guy.

    I know they get married, because we know that. Why does it seem like a nail-biter just waiting for it to happen?

    Account Deleted

    Well first, I agree with what Circus Kelli said about your mom. ;-) And I can't wait to take MrsDoF to the movie...

    As embarrassed as I am by MrsDoF pitching my story, THANK YOU for your kind words and the link!!! I really appreciate it.


    Hee... Is it Tuesday yet? I wanna bug you about the next chapter...

    What, are you too busy reading or something?

    Mas' Mom

    I am just joining you all and have not done much work today because I have been reading this wonderful story all morning (in between calls I don't read THAT slow). I am totally hooked and hope you plan on publishing this. It is a great story and the fact that things like this used to happen makes me want to go back in time. Thank you for making this morning a great one and please hurry up with the next chapter. I can't wait to find out what her dad says!!!!

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