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    August 16, 2006



    Oh my god! I can't believe you did it again! How?! How!? How can you keep leave us hanging at the end of each freakin' installment? I imagine this is what it used to feel like to listen to one of those stories on the radio...a shot rings out! And then the closing music comes on. (And yes, that was an incomplete sentence followed by a period. Allow me a little poetic license.)

    Thanks for the installment - beautiful and evocative/provacative as always. I have to admit that when "Vera" burst through the door, I thought "Verna" had burst through the door and immediately thought, "That bitch! How dare she not even knock!" But as it was Vera (Mary's sister), I guess my ire was misplaced.

    Awesome job (as always), Nilbo.


    p.s. The joy of living on the West Coast is that I got to read this so soon after it was posted. Now get to work on the next Chapter, damn it! It also means that I get to suffer extra long with anticipation, and I HATE anticipation!

    Sara Sue

    I second Stampy's post! Brilliant once again. Thank you, Nils!


    Dun Dun Dun DUuuuunn. Wow!


    WOW. This story is truly amazing, and your ability to tell it is as well. I have only been a reader for a short while (I linked to you from Poop and Boogies) so I did not have to suffer a whole lot of anticipation waiting for the next installment. :) You are a very gifted writer, I felt as if I were right there while reading about your parents lives. It is very heart warming to read this story and know that their love has endured all these years.

    Now I have to go back and catch up on all of your other posts! That will keep me busy until more chapters are written.....

    Thank you so much for sharing this, and I am so glad that I found your site to read it!


    Uh-oh! Somebody's got some 'splainin' to do ala Ricky Ricardo...and it had better be good. Listen to an ultimatum about a good story. Geez...this just keeps on getting better. I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that they only knew each other 12 hours and that it still turned out to be a good marriage.


    OH, I got a little teary there - I love this story and it's all the more amazing since it's real. Can't wait to see how he "handles" Eva.




    Ooh, from the title I thought this was going to be the last chapter, but I guess we've all got some more sitting back and waiting to do!


    Still loving this, by the way. :)


    I swear, Nils, if you don't try to get this story published you're going to have the wrath of The Internets upon you. Tears! I had tears!

    And how in the holy heck did you manage to give us yet *another* cliff hanger??

    Jim Fogg

    Great fun, I actually got goose-bumps.


    yay! another wonderful installment. but i, too, am in awe that you were able to create another cliffhanger. darn.


    Wow oh wow oh wow!

    "Some things you just know".

    Gawd. You're an excellent writer, Nils.

    Thank you for sharing this story with us!

    (is there more...? not pestering (yet), just curious... please say yes)


    I thought this might be the last chapter, but it can't be with that cliff hanger at the end--how DO you manage to do that EACH and EVERY chapter??!! I'm impressed....SO good!

    I told my brother he should come and take a read--I swear, the number of readers you have must have tripled since you started this story! SOOOO good! (Wait, did I already say that?! ;)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    "...Vera was on it like a jungle cat on a wounded gazelle"

    That cracked me UP.

    Do you mean to tell us that he never mentioned the whole Eva situation to your mom for all those years? Oh, brudder. She doesn't put his face on the grill, does she?


    This is such a great story - your daughters must love it.

    Byt the way, what does shiffle mean? As in "Hugh Henry had stood immediately, shiffling awkwardly as he waited for them." ?

    Tracy Lynn

    Sweet! I check every day for the next installment, and would like MORE PLEASE!


    are my emails to you vanishing into the ether? sent one last week and this week, or are you just busy as hell?
    Busy is good, don't misinterpret that. ;)


    Good installment.

    What, the next one's not ready yet? ;)

    The Kept Woman

    While I appreciate your knack for stopping just at the point of leaving us wanting more...I HATE IT!!!!!

    (will continue to wait somewhat patiently for the next chapter)


    i'm loving this...


    There are writers. There are entertainers. And then there is Nils, who writes, entertains, and ultimately drives us nuts waiting for the next chapter.

    Thank you. From the bottom on my pea-pickin' heart that has been left in cardiac arrest waiting for Mary's jaw to drop even futher. :-)


    I found your site, via Poops & Boogies, and I read the first 13 chapters straight through, and I have to's wonderful. Can't wait to read the rest. My own parents married after knowing each other 2 weeks and as of the 30th of August will be married 38 years...


    As you know, I think this is awesome:) I especially love that I can picture things so well, being my native country and all.

    You really should think about publishing this. It is so fun!

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