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    July 16, 2006


    Sara Sue

    LMAO!! What a wonderful post! I'm sure you can't wait for your baby girl to get married!

    When's the next installment of your parents' story??



    The never-departing house guests! We'll chip in for your lawyer. You're totally justified. ;)


    You got a tally sheet on the door of the fridge or something?
    Golly, I haven't kept such close track of foodstuffs since I cooked for a cafeteria.

    And yeah, I can send over a good wrist-rocket if you need it.
    We don't need it to keep the rabbits out of the garden since Oscar is on duty.


    I do all the cooking. I do all the buying. I remember.

    One further note: the tally does NOT include the wedding itself. This is just the intake at our house.


    Wonderful recounting of the events and all it takes to make them events!! Yes, I love family, also, but there comes a time when I just want q.u.i.e.t. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to justify being in Florida every winter for several weeks! I'm really, really glad my son-in-law likes me! He's even made it clear that I can move in if I want! No, I'll go home as long as I can. Looking forward to your return to the delicious story when you have rested a while. :-)


    Good Food and a nice island community.
    No wonder your guests linger longer.


    Dang! I need a nap after reading that post. I'd have had to hole up in an isolation tank LONG before the last guest left. You must have the patience of a saint.


    haha...i can just imagine you standing in a corner, hunched over a clipboard, keeping track of everything that's consumed. :)


    I think your guests were from Manitoba area, right? That means they had translated the time into their time? or messed up the time conversion when figuring out when they'd return home? Whatever the case--that's a lot of visiting and parties you've been having--time for a break, eh?!

    Once I was in Virginia for a wedding--near Christmas time--and I was staying with the bride and groom who stayed at a hotel on their wedding night and then went and drove me to the airport the next day--only to find out that my flight had been cancelled due to inclimate weather--ice on the landing strip or something similar. Imagine how I felt--having to impose and stay at their place--the day after their wedding! They were VERY kind to put me up....but BOY can you say AWKWARD!


    More to the point ... can you say "earplugs"?


    LOL Effie and Nils. That is funny. The earplug thing.

    I still can't get over that you cook at all, let alone do all of it...I can't imagine. After 16 years of marriage, I have taught my husband to make Kraft Dinner for the kids, he can boil or scramble eggs and make grilled cheese sandwiches.

    I know you are pleased to have your house back! Sounds like you are quite the hosts!


    Wow, you sure know how to throw a party(ies)! When's the next one? ha ha


    sounds like the food and alcohol consumed on my vaca last week!

    the bottle redemption money could send my non-existent children to college.


    Good LORD you people like lobsters!


    LOL -- Oh man!

    I'm glad all worked out ok, and that you didn't have to do any further work to the crawlspace. ;)


    Wow - you survived...that's what counts. I sympathize because at every major holiday I also get overnighters...too long of a trip to go back the same day. I love them all but usually am ready to scream by the time the last guest leaves.

    Some people are born guests and some people are born hosts and I'm the former.

    Sounds like you have a bit of both in you Nilbo.

    The Kept Woman

    As much as anyone loves family the sound of silence after a joyous gathering can be just as welcome!

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all!


    You forgot to say how many Alka-Seltzers and aspirins were consumed, ha, ha.

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride. Which reminds me, I am very much looking forward to your next installment on the "other wedding." But enjoy the sounds of silence for as long as you can. (Cleaning is also therapeutic).

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Dear lord, I'm amazed you had the energy to put this post out for us. If it were me, I'd be whimpering in the corner, saying things like "When are they leeeeeeaving?"


    "... and after all that, Nilbo dropped off the face of the planet. The End."

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