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    July 06, 2006



    Damn you for making me cry before lunchtime.

    When my nephew got married, my daughter was just two. At one point during the reception, I was talking to my sister-in-law and saw, from the other side of the room, my husband, dancing with his little girl in his arms.

    She's going to be very mad at me indeed on her wedding day, when I'm blubbering like a baby.


    It is wonderful and scary to watch our children grow. How I would love to have a time machine to turn back to relive various moments! I wouldn't stay there ... the journey between then and now hasn't always been gentle. Well, I still have the wonderful memories of first steps, little triumphs throughout their lives, those weddings. Enjoy your weekend. It will be another beautiful facet of your daughter for you to hold in your heart.

    shane bryanton


    Maybe it's because we didn't have her unitl I was 37 yrs old but I'm already painfully aware of time's passage everytime I look at my sweet little 22 month old daughter.

    I know I'll wake up one morning to find her a teenager and then a grown woman.

    I try to stay in the NOW as much as I can when I'm with her and each small moment.

    I hope she's as steadfast in her kisses as you daughter.



    Christy and I want to pass along our congrats. Our little ones are in diapers but even now its hard to believe how quickly they are changing.
    all the best,


    What a wonderful tribute to your daughter! How lucky she was to have a dad like you growing up.


    aww....congratulations to you and your daughter! that's so sweet. i hope you guys have fun and enjoy the wedding. :)

    Sara Sue

    Congratulations to ALL of you! I can't wait to see the post regarding the wedding!


    Nothing like a nice blubber fest in the morning!

    Man, thanks for making me cry! Now I have an idea how my Dad must have been feeling when I got married 16 years ago. Well, maybe he was feeling worse since I was marrying someone he didn't really approve of. Must make things harder. Nice to know you approve of this new SIL of your's:) MY Dad loves my hubby now, just took a few years:) LOL

    I need to think twice the next time my 5 year old daughter brings me those yellow weeds to put in a glass of water. I find it cute, but I guess I don't appreciate it as much as I should?? Thanks for putting things in perspective.

    Have a great weekend, we can't wait to hear about it!!!


    I hope you're happy. You've made the internet cry...


    Beautiful, Nils.

    Congrats to the bride and groom!


    Have a great time. She'll always be your little girl.

    Thanks for the "pep" talk last night. The husband came home and further boosted my confidence.


    *sniff* that was beautiful!

    Will you be giving a speech too and making her cry, hmm?

    Don't worry--she'll always be your little girl. Enjoy the father-daughter dance!


    That was so sweet. I'm glad she never stopped the goodbye kisses. :)

    Doesn't matter how old she is, or whether she's married, she's still your little girl.

    You guys have a great weekend.

    Jim Fogg

    That was truly lovely!

    Mozel tov


    Congrats to you and your daughter.


    I'm back...and not a moment too soon. I get to see my oldest sons for only the third time since late May and I know they'll look and sound older. The youngest already looks different to me. We're not getting ready for a wedding here, but the oldest leaves for college in a year and, like you, these milestone moments make me feel many emotions all at once. I hope everything goes just the way it should...for you and the family. Come back with details!


    Congrats to your little girl and have a lovely weekend.


    Happy Wedding Day!
    ~~love and Huggs, Diane


    came here via Gerah's blog... how sweet! I think my dad felt the same way after I got married and last year after my sis got married. It does go by fast!


    Just a few more hours till both you and Erin take the biggest walk of your lives. :)

    I can't wait to see what the next chapter holds for all of you. Erin has no idea how much she paved the way for my daughters, as almost every time I had a problem with them, I would turn to Nils for advice on what to do.

    And you know, in all the years I've known him, I have never once heard him complain about Erin or Allie. He was always so proud of both girls, and I can see why. :)

    Much love and blessings to both Erin and Mathew on this day!


    awwww. Almost makes me tear up.

    Congratulations to your daughter.

    i cannot begin to articulate in words how privileged you and your daughters are to share this special relationship, a relationship that is evident through your words. i think i'm about the same age as your daughters; i haven't ever had the same bond with my father. i love my father to bits (and i'm sure vice versa). Simultaneously, i have never felt that father-daughter relationship that i have read about or seen in my friends' families. Hence, maybe i feel that i speak with some credibility when i reiterate that you and your daughters are extremely, extremely blessed to share such a bond. May all the coming years make that bond ever stronger.


    Congratulations to Erin and Matthew! And somehow I think your speech will be most perfect father-of-the-bride speech of all time, ever. You have a way with words, you know.


    Happy Monday!

    What? No wedding story yet? Sheesh... ya slacker. :)

    (kidding!) I hope all is going well.


    Didja survive it? ;)

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