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    July 11, 2006



    The girls! They are GORGEOUS! Stunningly so.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I looked at every single one.


    What, and no mention of the hottitude that is moi? I'm wounded.


    1. My brother did a reading from The Prophet at my wedding!

    2. You are totally hott (with two 't's = even hotter than hot).

    3. Not that I'm pushing, but what gorgeous grand-babies you're going to have!


    Everyone...and I do mean EVERYONE looks totally great. What a great family you have. Seeing the pics of the two sisters gave me a lump in my throat, and they're not even my kids!!


    There it is! My name, etc was there this time. I can't figure out why most of the time it isn't.

    I had no idea your new SIL had red hair! TOO COOL!

    Also, purple is the best. Erin has great taste in her favourite colour. What I assume is her fave colour, I mean.

    I just looked through each photo. Loved them all. My goodness, an outdoor wedding and what a perfect looked SO HANDSOME. Just great.

    You are a wonderfully blessed family. Not only are you all smart, talented and kind, but great looking. Very unusual to be all those things, you know??

    Now, the pressing question - Did anyone from Manitoba bring you any Old Dutch?? Ketchup perhaps?? Or maybe Dill Pickle?? teehee

    Sara Sue

    It looks like a perfect day! Congratulations to all you hotties!


    I enjoyed it too, Nils. Erin has so much poise and confidence in these pictures.

    When I saw the photo of her and Allie hugging in the hair salon, my first thought was how far they've come since that day that you heard them in the kitchen having that loud, verbal "discussion" that was peppered with 4 letter words... and I had to laugh.

    And I'm really glad you shared these photos with those of us who couldn't be there. ;)


    WOW... beautiful pictures! What a lovely wedding, in a lovely setting, on a lovely day!

    The look on Allie's face when she is standing up for her sister is beautiful. May we be able to foster even half that love and admiration between our girls (kids).

    Laughter is definitely the way to start out -- and something to keep for always.

    Much luck and happiness to the happy couple!

    Thank you for sharing these pictures with us, Nils.


    And, hey, I already told you that I think you 'clean up' real nice. ;)

    You done good.


    Thanks for sharing the album with us. It did look like a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding.

    The love you have for your daughters in written all over your face. What a wonderful, bittersweet moment for you.

    Hope you're surviving it all.


    Nils, you look amazing. Love the heels. And I've never seen anyone wear chiffon better than you.


    Hmm. Typepad seems to have eaten a bunch of comments. This is odd ...



    I love the commentary--it made it feel as though we were right there with you! All in all--a beautiful bride (and maid of honour), a beautiful setting on a beautiful day--very handsome family photo--you must be so proud! And THAT's why the shoes weren't white...makes sense now! ;) What were her "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue"?


    aww...everything looks lovely. thanks for sharing the pics. looks like you guys had fun :)


    I wore a gold necklace with a blue stone that my great grandmother got as a wedding present from her man on her wedding day -- it's about a hundred years old (which I think qualifies it as old, borrowed, and blue!). Everything else was new.
    Thank you all for your wonderful compliments ... now that I get to see pictures too, my only regret from my wedding day was that I didn't look in the mirror enough! Who knew I could clean up so good??? :)


    What a nice wedding! Everyone looked so pleased. You don't see that always! Happiness to the couple.

    Alli 2


    So sad I missed it ... and yes, I teared up as well while looking at pictures!



    Beautiful people having a wonderful wedding celebration on a lovely day!
    I hope I used enough adjectives.
    Actually, there aren't enough words to say everything exactly.


    "If you start to fall, I'll catch you. I always have." How wonderful!

    My girls are 7, 6, and 3. I understand that I should expect their wedding to take place next week (in subjective daddy time). I hope I can pass on the role of catcher as gracefully.

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