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    July 10, 2006



    your daughter looks gorgeous. and you don't look to bad, either :)


    Oh My God. LOLOL! The bride wore sneakers! I LOVE it!
    She looks sooo beautiful. ;)
    I already told you how you looked (g)


    In defense of Erin's blossoming girlie-girl side, I have to clarify that fir the ceremony and dinner, she wore girlie shoes. She and her new husband (!) had their first dance, she danced with me, then said "Screw THIS!" and ran to the side and put on her dancing shoes (which so many would call "sneakers") - for the rest of the evening.


    LOL. I totally waited on your daughter and her wedding party Saturday morning at Cora's. She and everyone else looked radiant, and they laughed the whole time. They were all so sweet, and amidst the demanding weekend breakfast lunch, thinking about her happy day put a smile on my face for the rest of my shift. Not until you posted did I know that it was your daughter. Utmost congrats to the whole family!

    Closet Metro

    You look like one proud papa in that photo. As you have every right to be.


    You both look gorgeous!! Can't wait to hear all the details and see more pictures. In the meantime...go finish that beer!

    Jim Fogg

    A beautiful bride indeed! And you clean up real nice.

    Sara Sue

    LOVE and Wah all around you! How wonderful!


    The look on your face says it all.


    That is a GREAT photo of you and her together.

    I love that she wore sneakers to her wedding. SMART girl.



    Beautiful young woman. And you both look happy. Happiness to all.


    Nils, thank you SO MUCH for taking time away from family and beer to update us!

    I totally cried when I saw the one of you and her. I am telling you...that look on your face is It is SO OBVIOUS how close you guys are and how much you adore your little girl. She will always be your little girl, you know:)

    Good for her wearing runners! That is AWESOME. shoes, whatever. I have always called them runners.


    She looks absolutely beautiful. I love the calla lilies in her hair!


    I really love her dress!

    The guy in the snazzy gray pinstripes isn't too bad either. There's just something about a dark gray pinstripe suit. Rawr.


    YAY! Pictures!!

    I'm so glad all went well.

    She's beautiful (I love the calla lilies in her hair, too!)

    You don't clean up to badly either.


    She is a BEAUTIFUL bride--love the flowers in her hair and the beadwork on her dress! Lovely!

    And you certainly look like the proud papa!!

    Smart for her wearing sensible shoes...I bought a very expensive pair of high heels that I wore for such a short period of time--boy did they hurt my feet!


    You look perfect walking down the aisle together.


    Again, Congrats. She and you look great.




    She was glowing. I can see it in the pictures.



    You do look proud in that photo.

    My favorite part was "She and her new husband (!)"

    It must still be so strange to think of your little girl as a married woman :)


    I love the picture of you two together. She's looking steadfastly ahead (to the future?) and you're looking so lovingly at her. I'm sure she's a wonderful daughter, but you sure look like the loving, adoring father.

    Watch out or we're really going to see you for the softy that you are. ;)


    You all look fabulous!

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