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    July 13, 2006



    Hmmm... Vewy Interesting.

    Yessss... what kind of person would do that, Smirky Smirkinator?

    At least I'm not sookin..

    Oh come on, I've only done that to you once.
    Three times, now that I think about it. But that's only because you were being a glbitch. ;)



    Yes...for a moment I thought my exodus from Blogger had brought down Typepad singlehandedly. Must've brought some cooties with me from the other place.

    The Kept Woman

    "(Say that word a few times. After a while, it stops sounding like a real word.)"

    I think the exact same thing about "furniture"...


    I don't know if it is just typepad. My entire blog disappeared. I was getting e-mails with the comments, but could not get to my blog.

    It has since been remedied.

    I was worried my comment about the chips had offended you. Glad it didn't:)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Okay, I'm days and days behind here due to travel and having the Mac pried from my hands.

    But I must say..."She wasn't too terribly homely" 'bout made me wet myself.

    Glad you survived the marrying off of your little girl.

    Now, where's the next installment in our serial, biatch?


    Following up on Bucky's comment:



    You've had a very nice time with all the folks in for the wedding.
    Time to get back to work---writing for the slavering hordes.
    Thanks in Advance!


    Slaving WHAT?!





    CK- the word is Slavering
    and the pertinent definition is "To behave in an obsequious manner; fawn"

    It would seem I've been doing too many crossword puzzles lately.


    Further research on tells me that Horde is already a word in its plural form. In reference to a nomadic tribe, a large crowd, or a swarm of mosquitoes.
    There is no need to put the letter S on the end. Sorry.


    I'm guessing that Kelli stumbled on "hordes" because it bears a passing aural resmblance to another word and she bridled at being described in those terms. (g)

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