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    July 28, 2006



    oooh, sneaky! can't wait to see if he gets away with his little lie.


    yea, i'm also wondering whether he'll get away with it; although he might not because he isn't expecting her to open the door. guess we'll have to wait until next time to see how it goes :)


    Wait... didn't she meet some guys from Edmonton, though? Oh man... can you imagine if she DID know?! Poor Justin would be in for a world of trouble!!


    I just *knew* this chapter would end with Justin's foot on the dang doorstep. Geeeeeeez.

    Now, as far as getting away with the lie... this leads me to wonder what he told Mary right before he left. After their romantic evening together, did he promise to write her? And if Mary had wanted to keep in touch, which she must have, wouldn't she have asked him for an address?

    Oh, well, minor details. Meantime the door is creaking open. So close and yet so far... :-))


    He'd left with no promises - but certainly there would be some sort of expectation, you'd think. Dad shrugs about that. As for her keeping in touch ... she was not allowed to write a boy unless he wrote first, even if she knew where he was stationed - which she might, once she met up with the boys at the dance who had come home to Edmonton and (cue dramatic music) remembered Justin from overseas.

    Little details are often casualties in these damn true stories. Forgive them where you can, and see if the big picture is enough to carry you along. :)

    Sara Sue

    Hee Hee! It's like riding a rolley coaster!


    Nils: OK, got it. Incredible what little freedom women had in those days!

    Don't worry, I wasn't concerned about the details for accuracy's sake at all... just trying to figure out the reaction to the proposed "lie" which is very ingenious, by the way!

    The *bigger picture* is certainly more than enough to carry me along!!! Like everyone else, I am always starved for the next installment.

    Thanks for keeping us all so admirably entertained. :))


    Oh, the tangled web. We'll see how the lie works. What a predicament. A guy who's too cool to write and a girl who's not allowed unless the boy writes first.

    Again, anxiously awaiting the next installment.


    I can't say anything to hurry this along, I suppose? Oh, dear! the suspense is awful!!


    Mary's a smart gal, and I hope love doesn't allow her to fall for this matter how small. Yeah...I know they wind up together, but the "journey" is just as important as the "destination". A lie this early on is a bad way to start off. I'm just sayin'.


    Patience now. As I am fond of saying: "All will be revealed in the fullness of time". Can I get an "Amen" on that ... anybody ...?

    Sara Sue

    AMEN Brother Ling!!


    well um....I see a problem here.

    so no Amens just yet. (g)


    besides, why doesn't he just tell her the TRUTH?
    i'm gonna climb onto Sara's rolley coaster while I await your detailed answer.


    I took Nils' comment of "All will be revealed" as kind of a hint that Justin will probably tell her the truth.

    And speaking of the truth, my guess was, before even commenting on this, was that Justin, not expecting Mary to be at her folks' home, and not expecting her to open the door, would suffer a total meltdown and just come clean, hoping and praying that she would forgive him for not writing.

    I'm still putting my money on that outcome... but only Nils knows best!!! :-))) (So yes, AMEN from me)


    Uh..oh yeah...AMEN!


    no Amens from me. Nils doesn't always know best. ;)


    Some people can't just appreciate a good cliffhanger and let it be! They are probably the same people that ask lots of questions during a movie. (Not to say I'm not anxious to hear how it ends!)

    Tracy Lynn

    I truly can't handle all the suspense. I'm going to lie down and wait for the next installment.


    Fullness of time?!

    Time's feeling pretty full over here, Nils.

    I'm just sayin...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Poor boy's just gonna make it worse before it gets better, isn't he?

    Never expect a woman to react in a reasonable manner...


    Oh gosh darn it all!
    I saw you left a comment over at R&O, so I thought you might be goofing around at your computer again and a new post might be up.

    This is what my dad called a 'hurry up and wait' situation.


    a) I WAS 'goofing around' ... but as I'm sure you'll appreciate, these stories aren't the product of idle goofing;

    b) Around these parts we have a saying: "Time is longer than rope". Apply it to the short wait between chapters.

    c) Yes, I do know best. On this one, tiny, narrow topic.


    LOL! ;)


    Ack! Where's the next chapter? Don't leave me hanging.


    Sorry, Nils. At our house, the head of household earns our food and shelter by doing computer work. Youngest son maintains his band's MySpace and website and schedule. I've been a college student doing research for composition papers for the last couple years.
    Therefore, Work is done on our computers.
    So when we ask someone across the room "Are you goofing around?" that means cruising blogs, typing comments, or writing a blog post.
    Having Fun, not duty.
    Believe me, I do appreciate great writing.
    Especially when the hours involved are not billable.


    Heh, Diane ... I hope you didn't think any offense was taken. I can assure you I accept all the admonishments in the spirit in which they are given. I appreciate the nice things folks are saying, feel humbled by people's enjoyment of the story, and it's the comments I'm getting, ironically enough, that make me realize my responsibility to get it right when I finally hit "publish". So don't feel like my response was anything more than warm-hearted fun. I was just ... umm .. goofin' around.


    Heh... So, I guess if I left a smart-alecky comment demanding the next chapter, I would prolly be a bit of a spoil-sport then??

    K. I'll shush. For now. ;)


    As usual, you left us with another cliffhanger...but a good one!

    I think the moment he sees her, he'll forget what he had planned to say, and it won't matter anyways...after going through all that work just to find her! Right? Right?

    Oh, this is so exciting!!!!!!!!!! (I like exclamation points, sorry! ;)


    Hullo, Again, Naturally!

    The Kept Woman

    (continues to tap foot patiently)


    ...arm wrestling with SaraSue in the meantime....


    Oh .. can I watch?

    Be patient. Let's say Tuesday morning, maybe later in the day ... OK?

    Sara Sue

    muffled sigh


    "Let's say Tuesday morning, maybe later in the day ... OK?"

    hmm, that sounds familar. did we have a convo about time management recently?
    (smirk) ;)


    Gah! Where is Chp. 13?? For the love of God, write, man, write!


    God. I don't think I have seen comments like this on any other blog EVER. "Hey, I love your blog, but for God's sake will you post another entry RIGHT NOW!???" "Dammit, where's the next entry???" "Hey, lazy-ass! Write, dammit!"

    Now, stop. All of you. Bup-bup-bup ... Laura, Sara, Kelli .. this means YOU, too. Step away from the keyboard.

    It will come when it is done, and not a moment before. And the reason you seem to be enjoying these chapters is because I DO take extra time to try and get it right ... for me, for you, for everyone.

    Now, hush.

    Or send naked pics. They work as bribes.



    WHAT?! No chapter 13 YET?!

    Sheesh. Ya slacker.


    No pics of ME but maybe we could find something suitable online....try this on for size...

    or how about this pretty lady


    Crap. my links didn't work.

    here--check this one out:

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Naked pictures of me would only drive you away from the computer to find a screwdriver with which to blind yourself, and that wouldn't get us the next chapter at ALL, would it?


    OH please.
    like I said, "close all your windows and get to work!"


    It's far too hot to close all my windows, dear ...

    ... but I AM doing what I think is very good work, thank you.


    READERS: %*&^^%!!¿¿´'¡x·#/(&ª[~!!

    NILS: S-s-s-s-s-s-h-h-h-h-h-h... (do not disturb:



    You have an amazing talent for telling a story, my man! Keep it up, I love the cliffhangers and time between entries. Good things come to those who wait!

    Jim fogg

    Now don't make the aging rock band mistake and have us beg for the encore or greatest hits package!

    We'll just lose respect for ourselves.


    Oh dear. You said sometime Tuesday, didn't you? You didn't tell us WHICH Tuesday... that was on purpose, wasn't it?

    Ok then. I guess I'll have to go do some work or something until then...


    Yeah, I guess I would be late this morning if there was a new chapter.


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