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    July 21, 2006




    I was hoping for a new installment:)

    This is wonderful, Nils!

    I actually licked my lips and rubbed my hands together in glee when I saw there was something new to digest:)

    THANK YOU!!!


    I'm thrilled that there's a new installment. But I can't stand to wait for the next one. :)


    Thanks for not forgetting about us. We NEED this story like a junkie needs crack. You're our pusher.


    Thank you so much for getting this going again. Lots of giddiness and squeaking when I saw that you had updated.


    yay! i was about to go to sleep, but reading this installment was worth staying up for a few extra minutes. i had to go back and check who Verna Hextall was. can't wait for the next part! :)

    Laura - VitaminSea

    Home just in time to read the next installment. This must be my lucky day. :)


    Heh, heh... The *Nosy Old Spider* is bearing down. I predict the gossip will be good enough for her to give poor Justin the forwarding address. If she has it. I am still on the edge of my seat. Thank you, thank you for this latest installment. This is much better than my favorite TV soaps and far more addictive. (And, at the risk of becoming a PITA, please keep up with the screenplay version of this, 'cuz one day I wanna see the MOVIE. :-))


    Ohboyohboyohboy!!! Welcome back Justin and Mary! Like everyone else, I'm frothing at the bit! And you, Nils, masterfully have left this on a cliff hanging moment!! I'm going to try to breathe somewhat normally until the next installment.

    BTW, I'm just old enough to remember the days of the serials on the radio of the 1940s, and the eager waiting for the next "show" feels the same as these visits to your blog. Thanks for a fond memory.

    Sara Sue

    When I read Vera was coming I heard the witch music from the Wizard of OZ!! I know she'll save the day though, can't wait!
    Thank you!


    Oh, lordy! I can't wait to see what Vera has to say!

    I am so loving this story!!


    VerNa, I meant Verna!

    Sara Sue

    Sorry Verna! Got it!


    Welcome back, Justin and Mary (and Nilbo). I like Sara Sue's recommendations for background music. Does Verna ever say, "...and your little dog, too" and then cackle madly? That would be awesome.

    Anyway, anxiously awaiting the next installment.


    So happy the story is continuing! Your really know how to leave a cliffhanger, too.

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