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    July 26, 2006



    wow wow wow wow wow!



    I just may fall off my chair with anticipation!


    i was so happy when i saw you updated!! but fate wasn't with me while i was reading this installment. i'm at work right now, and i was making copies, and wouldn't you know it, while i was reading the story, the copier jammed twice, ran out of paper, and i had to reset the paper three times. argh. i would've just sat here and read, had my boss not been breathing down my neck. what does she say to him?! i'm very much looking forward to the next installment. thanks for the wonderful story :)

    Melanie B

    OHHH, you are soooo mean! What a tease! :)

    I love this story!


    I echo wtf opera's sentiments exactly!

    WOWOWOWOWOWOW! Such an emotional rollercoaster for a girl to be on...I think every girl has been down that path describe it so exactly though--as if you were in your mother's thoughts...

    More? Pretty please? You're really spoiling us with this story, just so you know! Thanks!


    Oh, this is the best part of my day. Looking forward to the next chapter!

    Sara Sue

    You kill me, hanging the "unmentionables" inside the sheets...I'd forgotten that rule! Outstanding, as always!


    Sighhh. I remember a handsome young airman in my young adult hood. He was as bad with pen and paper as was Justin!! But everytime he showed up, I forgot & forgave. Well, until that last one . . . .

    I am enjoying your story so very much! Thank you for sharing it.


    oh my god.
    No questions here, Nils.
    It's perfect.


    and, I should add, so worth the wait. :)


    Another great installment. But we're greedy. Ready for the next one. :)


    echoing everyone else's thoughts. WOW WOW WOW


    Geeeeee.... every time I read another chapter I am reminded, for some reason, of the old song, "I want a girl just like the girl who married dear old Dad." I know it probably dates back at least a generation before the time of Justin and Mary, but it keeps popping into my head as I munch happily on each new chapter, transported back to a classic black & white film. Sigh... :-))

    Perhaps the most amazing thing about this wonderful story is the fact that we already know how it ends, and we are still ON THE EDGE OF OUR SEATS with each new chapter.

    Keep spoiling us, Nils!


    And?? AND??? Good God, man, the ring! Where is the ring? I've been waiting and I was only thinking about your mother's welfare. The suspense is killing me. K-I-L-L-I-N-G ME.



    Come on. Come on.



    Oh, he's just toying with us now. Nils is evil like that.

    Tracy Lynn

    More, more, more please!


    I am amazed because we kind of already know the ending but you draw it out so well.

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