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    July 04, 2006



    Ahh...I guess it pays to stay up late.


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    OK, my old eyes made me copy the middle section into an editor where I could enlarge the type. Those soldiers talkin' to your mom were DAWGS, I tell ya.


    Thanks for the heads up, Bucky - there was some cutting and pasting in the editing of this chapter and it affected formatting. Firefox over-rode the glitch, so I never saw it when I checked, but inferior browsers like IE (g) made the middle section come out in microscopic font. I have since fixed it, I hope.

    But hey - nice to know if held your interest enough to make you want to cut and paste and enlarge. And don't feel bad about getting old. It's happening to a lot of good people, and you all have my sympathy.


    If you hold down the Control key and then hit the + (plus) key over beside the numbers, the Font will enlarge. Do the same with the - (minus) to reduce it again.
    It's an old trick from the days before a computer mouse.

    I just looked again at Canada on a map.
    A very wide country to be traveling by train.
    The poor conductor....


    Yep, MrsDoF ... 5000 miles, give or take. I once travelled from Winnipeg to Vancouver by train ... took about 2 days, as I recall. It'd be a bit longer for these boys ...

    And thanks for the magnifying tip. I'll pass it on to my older friends.


    Hey, I'm one of the older friends and that trick works great!

    This is such a fun story. But what I wanna know is why he never wrote to her?


    Patience, Squirl. All will be revealed in the fullness of time :)

    Tracy Kaply

    Hooray! More story!


    I'm waiting with bated breath! Truly enjoying your writing and the story itself.


    I want to hear about the other woman.


    Ooh--this is getting soooo good....can't wait for more!

    Happy Canada Day a few days late--did you watch any fireworks??


    finally! haha, anyway, absolutely loved it. i especially loved the last bit [the conversation between Paul and Justin.]


    This is great!

    Yeah, I took a train from Saskatoon to Toronto one summer. NOT FUN. And that was in the 80's. In the 40's I am sure it was not great either.

    I am sure the reason he didn't write has something to do with the other woman. Very anxious to hear:)


    Yeah, why didn't he write to her? Men are such scum. ;)
    Intriguing, this last chapter. What happens next?


    See... I wouldn't have let a little thing like decorum and "dignity and grace" and "Mom" stop me if I really wanted to send that letter...

    but that's me. :)


    ... and that's also the era you grew up in, darlin'. Different times.


    I'm thinking this story is begging to be saved ... in a bound journal of some kind with pictures of them both throughout their life.


    Yes, I am a romantic sap.


    Karen, that's a fantastic idea!


    Aw, I checked three times, but no new chapter today.
    I guess daughter's wedding stress is contributing to story delay.

    Good Luck, Sir Daddy of the Bride. We'll wait.
    Nighty nite.


    More, I need more! I just found your site and read all 8 chps. - it's fascinating. What a wonderful story so far and you're a fabulous storyteller. You should publish this.

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