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    June 14, 2006


    The Kept Woman

    The fact that you even know this much detail about your parent's meeting and courtship is very, very cool.

    Thanks for sharing and that cliff-hanger was not cool...some of us lack in the Patience Department. :)-

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Please don't hunt me down and smack me around for saying this, but I have to agree that your mom was a knockout!
    This story could totally be a movie plot.


    Ohhhhhh, so cool :) Your parents must have told this story often while you were growing up, or did they?

    There was no shortage of stories such as this one during the war, and it's rare when you can find someone today who is able to describe in so much detail what you did here.


    Love this story, LOVE IT.


    *swoon* This is wonderful.


    aww...that's such a wonderful story. can't wait to hear more. i love your writing. :)


    This must have been what it was like for readers of "The Strand" magazine when they had to wait for the next installment from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle...except...this is a love story. A TRUE love story. And I'm loving every single word. The combination of a fascinating story and great storytelling is hard to resist. Next up...the walk home.


    Linky Loving at my site, to this story... so more people can follow along. Thank you!!!


    I'm going to cry with happiness before this story is over, aren't I?

    whoops. too late.


    Well, I didn't see a picture of your aunt, but, yep, your mom's a looker. :)

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