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    June 04, 2006



    I watched North Country a couple weeks ago and got a kick out of seeing them try to present downtown Minneapolis of today as downtown Minneapolis of fifteen years ago (hello, that building wasn't there then, and the kind of police car in the background on one shot wasn't even in existence yet), but that was just one short scene. Overall I liked it (and was disturbed by it), but the final scene annoyed the hell out of me. Would anything like that actually ever take place in a courtroom? I don't think so.

    But yeah, I will watch anything with Charlize Theron, and I think Frances McDormand was at her absolute best...she also got to play a really awesome characetr.


    Harrump. A decade long friendship, and you were hesitant! Have I ever steered you wrong?
    Oh wait, don't answer that. ;)

    Brilliant review of all three movies, Nils. Honestly, you should do this for a living...


    I get your objection to the final scene, Becky - it's clearly one where you have to suspend disbelief and allow the storytellers some room to compress and dramatize events. The same argument can be made for the rapid progress of one character's illness (no spoilers here). It's a storytelling technique that can be frustrating to those who want things as real as possible, but I'm willing to forgive it in cases where everything else is so good.


    And Laura: after this, you can steer me in any direction you want. (Traditional internet usage demands I follow a statement like that with a wink. So: ;) )


    I've seen Must Love Dogs. It was sweet and cute. I like John Cusak and Diane Lane also.

    Haven't seen the other two, though. Just might have to...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Frances McDormand is one of my very favorite actors. Her performance was the only thing I could like in "Fargo" -- I know, I know, classic movie, blah blah blah. I *hated* that movie, but loved Ms. McDormand.


    Squirl: satisfaction guaranteed or double your advice back.

    Bucky: can't agree on Fargo, which is a desert island movie for me. But yeah, she is just amazing.


    I just rented "Family Stone", too. LOVED IT!!


    France McDormand is brilliant in most things she does. I loved Almost Famous.

    I recently watched the Family Stone as well...a bit leary of it bc I am not a fan at all of SJP...but you are right in the family interaction aspect. For this reason, I LOVE the movie "HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS". Great disfunctional family in that one.

    John Cusack is the one true love of my life. No, Must Love Dogs is not as great as say High Fidelity or Grosse Pointe Blank, but still watchable. And yes, Diane Lane is a hot tamale.


    I've seen all three. Liked them all.
    The Family Stone is NOT a comedy. I was hysterically crying. It should come with a disclaimer.


    Yeah, I don't quite get the marketing on that one. You'd think it's a laugh riot, but it's definitely one where you want some hankies nearby.


    I love your taste in music so I'm going to go with the movies you like too. Just yesterday we were going through the list of rentals on cable and deciding there wasn't one that "called" to us...but at least two of your three were time I'm going to know what to rent!

    Since husband and I never agree on movies, no matter what the movie is like, at least one of us should enjoy them.


    Just recently watched North Country too. Great film for sure.

    The Kept Woman

    Great! Thanks for the recommendations for our future rentals.

    And what does it mean if your rental number in the top right corner of the screen is super low? Does this mean I have even less of a life because I am usually unmotivated to get in my car and go to the store when there's a perfectly good Dateline or rerun of The Simple Life on?

    I think so...


    First, let me thank you sooo much for the wonderful limerick. Who knew so many words rhymed with "antimacassar".

    Now, on to "The Family Stone". Oh! My! God! Watched it when I was in a bad mood and needed some cheering up...BAD IDEA! I, too, was expecting something along the lines of "Home for the Holidays". Instead, the movie ended with me sniffling and looking for the the marketing company's address so I could forward my therapy bill.


    stalking you from klog....

    LOVE this post because i am a closeted movie freak but lately have also been highly suspicious of "recommendations & reviews" because of being led astray to some real crap. all three of these flicks appealed to my movie senses, but i never worked up the nerve to actually spend the hours of my life taking a chance on them. i will definitely rent these asap, without the slightest bit of hestitancy, thanks to your reviews. thanks!


    Aww, thanks, nicole. And with the warmest of affection and best of intentions, may I suggest you might enjoy my post from April 26th of this year ...?

    Stampy, it was fun writing the limerick - I'm all about challenges.

    TKW: I think somewhere between your lack of life and my lack of life there is a thing called "life". I might give it a shot sometime.

    MB: I love that you trust me, but of course, there are no money back guarantees. But if, as you say, you and hub can't agree, then someone will be happy.

    GERAH had her baby! Congrats, Gerah ...


    okay, nilbo, i read the april post & laughed my ass off. you are not the first person to say this to me. in fact, i have been meaning to change my whole blog template completely, but have just been too lazy to do it. maybe your post will give me the kick-in-the-ass i needed to get it done. please be patient with me- i'll put it on my to-do list right after renting & watching family stone, must love dogs, & north country!

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