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    June 08, 2006



    The former stylist/designer says this is just so swanky. Good job! :) enjoy the big day.



    You look so great and might I say that your waist looks very tiny. The stripes, the cool tie and the guy wearing them...are all looking very FINE!


    That is the most loveliest suit. You look fine, indeed. Damn fine.


    Awwww. Thanks, guys ... if you can't count on your friends, whattya got?

    Closet Metro

    that suit deserves to be worn with nice shoes. honor it. no crocs.


    hot stuff!! now go read me real quick - I think you'll be proud!!


    Very nice!



    You look INCREDIBLE!

    How SKINNY are you?? I don't want you to have a complex or anything but DANG.

    Did you say you do the South Beach thingy?? I need to try that. If I could get a waist near that small...I forget what having hips and a womanly shape is like.

    I am not saying you have a womanly shape. Cause obviously you don't. But if I can do whatever you did...I will be pleased. This fluffiness is getting incredibly uncomfy. And supposedly I am only 15 lbs more than what I "should be" for my height. I can't imagine what being any bigger would feel like!

    You are a STUD!


    WOWSA! Pretty nice looking guy, you are.


    and Nils is also a trend-setter:


    Looking good indeed. But your eyes look... begrudging. As in, "Jaysus, do I really have to let these pics be taken?"


    Umm. Yeah, OK, I figured you guys would be kind, but ... you've been more than that. Thank you all. And Davey, I was sort of enduring the pics. But I'd said I would do this, and I did.

    And yeah, Lowa, I highly recommend South Beach. The pictures are exceptionally flattering, but it did make me less of a man. In a good way.


    You look dashing really. But you look so serious. When I read your blog and especially you comments on other sites I always picture you always smiling.

    And I don't mean this to sound weird or offensive but you just became a real person to me.


    Very suave Mr. Ling! (cause when you look this good, people call you Mister hee hee)


    Wow--lookin' svelte, I must say--and that's some suit you have! You did the right thing bringing your daughter along!


    *wolf whistle*

    hee hee

    Jim Fogg

    Umm what to do? We went to high school in a mock first ask questions later environment,and the passing out compliments was extremely rare unless directed toward a person of the opposite gland and even those were few and far between. I need to get back to you. now to find that trout tie...


    wowzers. Extremely dashing and smart. 'Suave' is the word i'm looking for. i'm sure you'll look fabulous on your daughter's wedding day. Great pics!


    that suit is hot. damn hot. nice taste!

    but the person who took those pictures should receive a hard slap on the wrist! putting a man so handsome in a suit so hot against a yellow backdrop???!!! shame, shame!

    keep the suit, nlis, fire the photographer.


    S N A Z Z - A Y!

    I like the 3rd picture best. Confidence or smart assery is always attractive.

    The Kept Woman


    Love that tie, very stylish without being over the top!


    Funny you should mention that, TKW, because the tie was the trickiest part. We were trying to find a tie that was nice and subtle, not a tie that screamed "LOOK AT ME! I'M A TIE!" We found some that said just that, and quite a few that said, "LOOK AT ME! I'M AN UGLY TIE!" Then we stumbled across that little gem!


    Yeah, the tie is really great.

    They sure do make some snazzy clothes now a days, don't they???


    And what a gem it was. Two thumbs up!
    I knew all along you'd clean up nicely. ;)

    And Nils, the only way you can improve on this picture is on the arm of the lovely bride. Erin is going to look radiant when she walks down that aisle with you. :)

    Can't wait to see that picture too!


    Pinstripes....quite classy. You look very dapper, my man!


    Nice, very handsome.
    Just as a proper dad of the bride should be looking.


    Oh, man, I beg and beg for photos. When do you finally post them???? When I'm too busy to check for two days.

    Very nice. And I like the tie, too.


    Great looking suit on a great looking guy!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I LOVE that suit...but my stylist says I am forbidden to wear one like it. So I will live through you vicariously.

    You look great in it, too. Perhaps you shall be my inspiration to lose a little 'round the middle!


    You look pretty.

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