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    June 14, 2006



    Ahhh, I love this.


    Yeah, what Kalki said.


    This story gives me that same feeling I get about my Grandma stories...a sense of the past with a hint to the future and I know your family will all love reading this, but so do I.


    Well, I have to say that the idea of pulling these very personal stories together and putting them up here was daunting, Mary ... and wouldn't have happened if not inspired by your wonderful stories of your Grandma.


    Amazing. Your gift for writing, Nils, is absolutely stunning.


    Do you know how cool it is to read stories like this and recognize place names?

    Oh my god, internet people are from Edmonton too!


    Maybe everyone DOES have a story, but you just tell yours (and that of your parents) better. I'm on the edge of my seat. You may look like your father, but I see a bit of your mother in you as well.

    Jim Fogg

    It's very cool to be able to pass on stories from generation to generation. Sadly it's often too late and lots of great stories and anecdotes are lost. This is a reminder that its never too early to start recording family tales. Tall or not


    Scrumptious stuff, Nilbo! Thank you!!!


    I'll be back for dinner tomorrow to hear more about Justin, Vera and Mary. Set an extra plate!


    i love this story :)

    Sara Sue

    More!! More!!!! More!!!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I have to admit that I never knew Lorne Greene was a newscaster. And the fact that your mother was all in a snit because Pearl Harbor was attacked on her 16th birthday makes me grin. I wouldn't forgive 'em either, dammit!


    The Pearl Harbor attack happened on my husband's grandmother's 21st birthday.
    She's never quite gotten over it, either.

    Seems like we've got a day's layover here. Either that, or I've got the time zones mixed up.

    This is better than the romance paperbacks I usually read.
    I'm on the edge of my chair and have sent several friends the link. Way to keep you counter whirling.


    The word before counter in the above post should be --your--.

    Wait a minute, I must have hit the calculator buttons wrong. G-mother will be 98 in December, so that's 2006 minus her age which goes back to 1908. Then 1941 minus 1908 = 33 years.

    I wish I could describe the way her nose twitches whenever the subject is brought up.
    I've learned to simply send a card or flowers or a little crocet item and not mentions years or other events.


    Nilbo! This is great! Yes, we may know how it all ultimately turns out, but that's why I continue reading! For the 'in between' parts! :)

    **Waiting for the next installment.**

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