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    June 19, 2006


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    That would SO happen to me. But I'd probably never be lucky enough to run into a talkative child.

    Oh, and what is this "neighboUrhood" of which you write so coloUrfully?


    I am truly enjoying this story.


    Bucky, Canadians and their spelling errors....*sigh*

    I have the urge to turn the page to chapter 5, but it's the internet! there isn't one! arrrrrgh!


    Hee hee... he couldn't remember the address? Too funny! Good thing Ricky was there!


    Pfft. Canadian story set in Canada about Canadians - and I am expected to dumb down my spelling? I don't think so.



    I'm loving it...the innocence of the time...the sweetness of new love; the details..they make the story come alive to me. I see the sweater with the little embroidered flowers. Wonderful Nilbo!


    Every time! Every single time, I get weepy and choked up. I mean jeesh, I'm such a girl. But you, you are a fantastic writer.

    The Kept Woman

    I love the chaptered segments...perfect length for my attention span!


    Finally! Yeah!! To two things:

    One- That you have updated the story and

    Two- That I can actually comment. I don't understand why sometimes my info is not in the little boxes up there and sometimes it is. Today it is, so I shall comment.

    LOL Good for you, Nilbo. Dumb down the spelling! LOL Teehee LOVE IT! Little do these folks know what WE are actually the ones who spell things like colour and neighbour and honour correctly, eh?? Teehee

    Neat to hear "The Ex" too! Only a prairie person would know about that:) I loved going to the Ex. all the time as a kid.

    Jasper Avenue!??! AAAA!!!! HOME!! Talking about HOME!! LOVE IT!

    Ok, no more yelling. I am sorry. SORE-EEEEE. Not SAW-reeee:) Couldn't resist.

    I will be in Calgary in a few more days, I am so excited! Old Dutch Chips, Goodie Rings, Cheezies, Aero, Mr. Big, Tim Hortons...ah. I love Canada. Too bad you are out East, but at least you are still the in the right country:)

    Anyway, this story is awesome! I was just freaking out all weekend, wanting to know what happened and if you Dad remembered how to get to the house. I can just picture you kids sitting and listening to this story told over and over again over the years. Rolling your eyes perhaps. But how glad you are now, eh???


    I know you said that you embellished some, but I can't tell where or how. It's so seamless. Has the marriage been as great as the courtship was?

    Sara Sue

    Someone hand me a tissue!~


    Thank goodness for that little boy. phew. i was scared he would have to turn back to his hotel.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I am hourribly sourry I cast aspersiouns upoun your Canadian spelling.

    *tapping fingers on desk*

    So...where in the wourld is the next installment?


    Fck yo, Bcky.


    Now, you two kids behave here, oukay?


    All kidding aside, I'm still loving the story.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Squirl, doun't you mean "stoury"?


    anyone else see the beginnings of a truly charming musical theater piece?
    Nils - email me your number - I want to ask you about something unrelated, and I don't have your number anymore. :)


    Why are these people putting "u"'s where they don't belong??

    Tsk tsk. Poor folks are so confused.

    Nils, you want me to mail you some Old Dutch?? Just shoot me an e-mail and lemme know:)

    OH!!! Be sure to let me know what flavours you want, eh???


    Oh, pay them no heed, Laura. They come from a country that lost all its "u"s in the Grout Duprussoun.

    And thank you for the Old Dutch offer, but with the family arriving for my daughter's wedding in a couple of weeks, I suspect they'll be carting in a few cases for me. I'll end up with enough to get that bike I've been eyeing on Kid's Bids.

    (And it amuses me to no end that only a few of my very few readers will actually understand that reference.)

    To those awaiting the next installment, check later today.


    Hi Nils,
    I stopped by this mourning to see if you had a poust up, but it wasn't ready at the time.

    I'll coumb back later to cheque!


    Please, cheque later. My post will be up. Coume anytime you want.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    So...what you're saying, Nils, is that America lost control of its vowels in the Depression?


    Well, Nilbo, it's not our fault them Americans have been spelling words like colour and honour wrong their whole lives, is it?!

    Now, where's more?? Hmm?


    Um, isn't Old Dutch like Ajax?--you shouldn't be tasting that stuff ya know!

    Hey--do Maritimers get the Monday or the Friday off for Canada Day weekend?


    still waiting for Chapter 5, as you said it would be up later today.
    Guess it will be up in the mourning.~


    I'll get it up soon. I promise, no mourning.


    Adults only. That's really good!


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