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    June 22, 2006



    This post reads like a lovely black/white photograph. Does that make sense?


    Wow. I agree with wordgirl... This post takes us back in time and plants us there as if we had never left.
    Loved this chapter!

    Sara Sue

    I popped my popcorn before reading today...type like there's no tomorrow, Nils!


    I'm just unclear about whether or not Sara Sue is employing a euphemism ...


    The tension is building...


    Doggone it, Nilbo! Another edge of my seat ending!
    I don't think I can wait another 36 hours until dinner with a pilot.
    Type Fast, pretty please, with a piece of apple crisp a la mode?!


    "The price of an apple or two was a nugget of gossip,.."

    That is an awesome line.

    I keep looking at the picture and SHE reminds me of a young Katherine Hepburn from the movie Stage Door. The whole story has that type of feel.


    ditto wordgirl

    type fast...pretty please?
    love this story :)

    Sara Sue



    *waiting patiently*

    Jim Fogg

    These stories illustrate why you do what you do.
    You're good at it! Great reads

    The Kept Woman

    Wow, a man worth polishing silver for? Never heard of such a thing. (bwhahahahaha....that wasn't at all nice and I'm sorry...really, I am)

    (taps foot patiently awaiting next installment...)



    This is a great book you've got goin on here. I feel like i'm living it when i'm reading. Just fantastic.

    Sara Sue

    totally...more, more more


    so. here I sit. on a Sunday. at mid-afternoon.

    Will dinner be reading about a handsome pilot?

    I might as well go have a slice of cantalope while I'm waiting.

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