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    June 26, 2006



    Don't know if you saw my response to your comment (re: hives poem) but it went as follows...don't waste any of your writing on me until you finish this story. I am so hooked. This is so beautiful I want to cry every time I get to the end and can't read more.

    Sara Sue

    I second what StampyDurst said! Brilliant post and once again, I'm on the edge of my seat! Thank you, Nils!


    Thanks to both Sara Sue and Stampy out on the left coast, who get a first glimpse of my late night postings.

    For those trying to decipher Stampy's cryptic "hives poem" reference, a few weeks back she challenged her readers to come up with a poem using the word "antimacassar". It was a challenge no poet could resist. Well, I'm no poet, so I tried, and came up with a cute little limerick involving a young woman at Vassar and, I believe, her English profassar.

    And now her challenge - issued June 7th - is to write a poem about hives (the affliction, not the home for bees). I've been tinkering at it, and so far it has eluded me. But I will prevail.


    Ah, just what I needed to find first thing I logged on this morning. Thanks a bunch! (so far)

    a poem about Hives, the affliction? your talents must be boundless.

    Tracy Lynn

    I am totally addicted to this story and I need you to tell me more. PLEASE!


    argh...this is why i hate reading stories in installments [i read a lot of fanfiction]--you have to wait unitl the next chapter. but this is a wonderful story that is well worth the wait. :)


    I went back to see what the 'unpleasantness' might have been.

    Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow.


    Oh GAH!! I just love the way you left us hanging today. Can't wait for tomorrow.


    pull up a chair to the fire folks - an oldster is going to tell a story (winks)

    Nils is pulling the oldest storytellers trick in the book, and doing it brilliantly.

    Back before TV shows, books were published in serial form in magazines and newspapers.

    In the 19th century, not everyone could read, and print traveled slowly - people would wait with bated breath, much like we are now (damn you Nils)for the storyteller to read the latest installment.

    Then more people read on their own, then we had the invention of radio and serialized shows, and then television (soap operas and drama shows) and then movies became serialized, with 1,2, and 3? How many of us waited for oh, Harry Potter or LOTR?

    love it Nils, thank you


    You folks (with the exception of those who infer, imply, or baldly state that I am OLD) are very kind. It is a pleasure to serve you.

    OperaGal is right, and I think everybody recognizes what is going on. I AM employing elements of craft in order to keep you "in the tent".

    I'm not ashamed of that (nor is she suggesting I ought to be) because I have scrupulously maintained the integrity of the story throughout. It is, after all, a very important story to me and to my family.

    This really is as much fun for me as it seems to be for you guys. Your occasional impatience is matched by my own, when the ideas and images don't fall off my fingertips at the rate I'd like.

    I've been encouraged by your support, and if the pace isn't as brisk as we'd all like, I'm hoping at least the ride is smooth and the destination worth the trip.


    Dammit Nils, I can't just turn the page and get lost in the whole story!


    actually, i meant *i* was old, but i see now how that comment could be misinterpreted.

    anyone know how to setup windows media server 4.1 on a 2003 dedicated server?
    just asking y'know...*for a friend*.


    I'm torn between waiting until you're done (fat chance) and just reading installment by installment until your done.

    Installment by installment is winning so far. ;)

    The Kept Woman

    That sounds like a definite "maybe" at the he joking!?!?!?


    I never post anything anywhere else, but did you think I could resist such a beautiful challenge?

    Oh, pity the person who’s covered in hives!

    She jitters and scratches and fidgets and jives.

    She’s not only itchy;

    she also gets bitchy

    (and threatens to cut you with one of her knives!)

    So mamas and babies and husbands and wives,

    please pray, wish, and hope that for all of your lives

    you don’t get the swelling

    (and cursing and yelling)

    that always accompanies intolerable hives!

    Take THAT, Nilbo.


    Wow,'ve captured it exactly. Were you secretly watching me wander the house late at night with a chef's knife? Or was it just a good guess that I was a raving bitch?

    Thank you so much for meeting the challenge and putting a smile on my face.

    p.s. The hive are finally gone. And the dog is still alive.


    p.s. Will clearly have to come up with more challenging word for next Wednesday...something that requires the William Blake-ean rhyming of "profassar".


    Honestly. That kid of mine spends WAY too much time on the computer. But Stampy - there you go.

    Sara Sue

    Wow! She really does sound like you when she writes! Bravo, Erin!


    She sure does, Sara. Acorns don't fall far from the tree (g).

    Actually, I'm still waiting for Allie and Erin to write The Truth About Fathers...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I would really like to interject some truly rude and smart-ass remark here, but I'm blown away by the story AND by Erin's poem.

    Dammit. Y'all's temporarily knocked all the piss and vinegar out of me. And I'll probably have to clean it up myself, too.


    "I've been encouraged by your support, and if the pace isn't as brisk as we'd all like, I'm hoping at least the ride is smooth and the destination worth the trip."

    What is that? Some high-falootin way of saying you've been "too busy" to write the next installment?!

    Sheesh. Ya slacker...



    Wonderful, wonderful writing and story!

    I just read the short story Brokeback Mountain and it left me so sad (though the writing is superb) that your story is lifting me from the after effects of Proulx...thanks!!

    Sara Sue

    a.) "The Truth About Fathers" oh Lord...please, please let me live to see this one!

    b.) Nils has a way of helping folks forget the pain of all kinds of Brokeback Mountain - type situations.


    b. Oh??? do tell! (g)

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