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    June 11, 2006



    I love John in anything he does.
    I have a strange cluster of films I like.

    I might rent this one and we can see if we have the same.


    I Love John Cusack. I have got to find this film.

    Having a John Cusack Movie night on Friday. Anyone wanna come? :)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I really really loved Blood Simple. I'm so split on the Cohen Bros' movies. I either really dig 'em or I can't stand 'em.

    Ice Harvest sounds like one I'd like. John Cusack + film noir + sick, brutal humor is a winning combination for me.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    OK, that comment sounds like I think Ice Harvest is a Cohen Bros film. I do know better!


    Since I just finished watching _Must Love Dogs_ on your recommendation and liked it very much, I will now have to find _Ice Harvest_.
    John Cusack movies are definitely worth their rent.
    I own _The Sure Thing_ and _Pushing Tin_ for good measure.

    As my choice for my birthday date, DoF took me to a movie place to see _A Prairie Home Companion_. He did a write up at his blog Decrepit Old Fool.

    Jim Fogg

    The Grifters (film noir)and Being John Malkovich are 2 great Cusack movies in my opinion. Also liked Gross Pointe Blank and most evertyhing he's done. He has a pretty impressive list of credits.


    I adore Harold Ramis and John Cusack, so I'll probably rent this. I share your views of Billy Bob sans "Slingblade".

    Film Noir is another favorite. When I was a kid I found a box of books in my grandmother's closet. They had belonged to my mother when she was young. One in particular was Vera Caspary's "Laura". I read the book and was sucked in immediately. How amazed was I to find out much later that a movie had been made from the book? Gene Tierney, Vincent Price, Clifton Webb, Dame Judith Anderson, Dana Andrews. I love everything about it and watch it on rainy days when my eyes need the comfort of a black/white movie with killer dialogue. Please tell me you've seen this movie. If (do not walk) to rent it.


    I should check this one out. I really liked John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton in Pushing Tin. Jim Fogg also mentioned a couple of my favorites, The Grifters and Being John Malkovich.

    I will usually watch anything that has John Cusack, too.


    I think I pretty much agree with everything you said about Ice Harvest... except I think I liked it just a smidge less.

    For an odd-er take on Billy Bob's standard character, try Dead Man. Iggy Pop plays his prairie girlfriend. For no reason to do with Billy Bob, it's one of my top three fave films (takes a unique stomach to enjoy it though, I admit).

    Jim fogg

    How about Billy Bob in The Man Who Wasn't There. An under appreciated movie.


    Dunno. I think I was the man who wasn't there. In the audience, I mean.

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