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    June 13, 2006



    What a great story and a great picture. Makes you want to hear more. I can only see the side of you dad's head, but godallmighty your mother is gorgeous! Did they write during the two years? Did she know he was coming back? I MUST KNOW!!


    Wow. What a perfect picture.


    That's awesome. He knew. I love it.


    That's a really fabulous story and an even more fabulous story! I couldn't help but notice a ring on your mom's left hand though.


    That's definitely a photo that deserves to be enlarged on your site. Your mom was just gorgeous!
    and you know I love old stories like this one. ;)


    Suspense, drama, romance! What a story. What a perfectly fantastic, wonderful way to start my evening. Thank you.


    That's AWESOME.




    my head is just spinning - that would never happen nowadays, and if it did? The couple would be divorced in a year.

    um, WOW.
    this just really makes me smile. (and yes, your mom is gorgeous!)


    That is one of the greatest love stories ever---and the fact that you have the photo makes it even better.


    Sometimes, so I've heard, when you know, you just "know".

    The story sent chills up my spine - and I am no chick flick chick!

    Your mom was so beautiful I think I would also have asked her to marry me.


    That moment frozen in time is amazing. I love the old photos because so many of them seem to show life and movement in those little squares with the white lacy edge.

    I imagine you had to remove the triangle-shaped black picture holders from the photo as I have to believe this photo lived in a beloved album. Am I right?


    I noticed her ring, too. Was she already engaged? But not to her true love and so she totally broke that guy's heart so she could marry your dad?

    Sorry - I'm totally anticipating the story. I can't help myself.

    At any rate...WOW.


    The ring on her finger in the picture is a "friendship band", bought for her by her sister. At the time, it was used (at least where they lived) to fend off potential suitors by indicating you were waiting for someone. It's part of the story. Be patient.

    Jim Fogg

    You just don't see photo's like this any more. A classic indeed.


    That is a GREAT start. I love the picture.


    Shawnte made me cry! Happy tears, though. How lovely and inspiring! Thanks for that!


    So sweet.


    OMG, I love the plot. Please tell me this is being simultaneously written as a screenplay! (Your parents even *look* like movie stars in this photo. I eagerly await the next installment. :-)


    Your momma is frickin' gorgeous.

    (*rushes off to start reading*)

    Jonna Lee

    I love the photo and so as the story...

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    My heart was touch with your story.


    "Mind Blowing!!,really words to express..Your narration.. ,title.. added beauty to the picture. Eagerly waiting for the sequel.Thanks allot dear."

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    Hi!What a mesmerizing story! your use of language is virtuoso.That photo is Fascinating one.Really heart touching one.Thanks for sharing.


    This is amazing, If i weren't already your fan i would fan you now cos this is so awesome
    ...the beginning was perfect...descriptive and flowig like a river between you style changed again to your usual styxle...and once again i give you the advice to read it a second time cos you change the narrators point of view

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