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    May 15, 2006



    Congratulations to Allison! Yes, I can see how she eschewed the madding crowds and opted for the silent medidation route! I often wish I could go back to college and major in something else. The youthful anticipation for the road ahead is so evident in her face.

    Craig Willson

    A foin lookin lassie, meboy. Brains and beauty - look out world!

    Show 'em what ya got, Allison - never back up, never apologize and never let them see you afraid! Rock on and congrats - what a great milestone in your life.

    (Nils, we share your pride)


    That is a horrible, horrible picture. I swear I don't have a double chin in real life!


    Suck it up, Grinnie McChuckleson ... you're gawgeous.


    Allison... the Yeats Award, what an impressive honour! Congratulations to you, and I look forward to reading your first published edition of "The Truth About Fathers"


    Congrats to Allie!

    (And speaking of correcting grammar....Isn't "people" already plural? So shouldn't it be "people's spelling and grammar"? Or is this one of those weird Canadian things? Or have I just filled my brain with too much pathophysiology, thus pushing my own grammar skills out the other ear?)


    Ern ... the "'s" simply adds the possessive. People can be both pural and singular, as in "The Aztecs, as a people, were hideously oppressed by the Spaniards ..." and "Five people walked into a bar". So in this case, correcting peoples' grammar and people's grammar are equally correct. I think. but maybe we can find some English major to confirm that.


    Woo-hoo! Congrats Allison! And, of course, to the proud dad!


    I'm an English major, and I agree with Ern. Because, in this case, "people" is being used in the bar sense and not the Aztec one. But whatever, I could be wrong. Anyway, it's beside the point...

    CONGRATULATIONS to super-smart, super-cute Allie!!! You rock, girl.

    (Back to being beside the point. "Yeats" looks like "Teats". That Y is practically a T!)

    Jim Fogg


    Congrats...your image in the photo seems vaguely familiar to me..

    Reminds me of someone(s) I went to high school with.. hmm... just can't seem to put my finger on it at the moment...


    How wonderful that a proud Papa can share his happiness with the world via a blog. What a beauty!

    I'm referring to Allison although Papa ain't that bad either ;-)

    Eleanor Heidelberg (Crum)

    Congratulations to Allison, her Great Auntie Marge would have been so proud, as my mom she always corrected my spelling and grammar while it was annoying it benefited me greatly and I do believe she did pass that talent on to a cousin of mine....and he is completely annoying. (just kidding)


    Congrats to Allison! And you!

    PS My favourite poem of all time is "In Memory of WB Yeats" by Auden.

    karin kreuzkamp

    Hmm... Allison purportedly corrects others spelling and grammar... intriguing....Is there some kind of family haunting involved here? Does Allison's Great Aunt Margie have a hand in all this? Her Great Aunt Margie, who would correct anyone, anywhere, if they dared dangle a participle or split an unlucky infinitive? Your Great Aunt Marge was happy and proud of your accomplishments, just as she enjoyed your father's. Kudos to you, kiddo, and all the best in the future.
    Your dad's cousin Karin
    (Yikes, should the apostrophe for fathers come before after the s?)


    Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

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