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    May 16, 2006



    I'll have to think about this one for a bit, because convincing you is always a challenge.
    Not that I want to change your mind, of course... but rather, for you to consider another point of view.
    And while I understand where you're coming from on this issue, I still think it needs some work.
    But I'm getting ahead of myself here. Maybe I'll comment later when I've had some time to mull over it all. ;)


    p.s. "...dry as a popcorn fart?"

    man, that's original. I could almost hear the "popcorn" going off. LOL!


    What? No quoting the J. Geils Band?


    When my wife and I decided to split (okay...when she decided we would split), her comment to me was "I don't love you anymore." My response was to print out 2 copies of that very same Shakespearean Sonnet. One copy ended up on the wall next to my computer desk, where she could see it. The other copy is still in my wallet: it is there to remind me, should I ever think otherwise, that love simply doesn't end on a whim.

    Closet Metro

    Love puzzles me.


    Love is something different to everyone, which could lead to many debates.
    I doubt a dictionary can ever define it and really capture the meaning.

    I love my mother. I do not always like her. BIG difference. Once I love someone, I rarely stop unless they hurt me beyond repair. I still love my ex-fiance. He is a good man, but not the one I was meant to marry.

    For me, loving someone means putting them first, above all others and sometimes, above myself. If I love you, I am in...I am ALL in. Nothing 1/2 way about it.

    The opposite of love is not hate or loathing. There is still emotion involved in loathing, albeit, negative emotion. Apathy is the opposite. Not caring what happens to this person, not caring what they say or do. If I ever get to the point of not caring about someone...well, let's just say, it takes a big event for that to happen.

    Falling in love with someone seems to come out of the blue and hit you like a ton of bricks. The first time I said I love you to the boyfriend, it took me by surprise as much as it did him. It just felt natural. Falling in love shouldn't hurt; it should feel like the most natural thing on the planet.

    People who say that relationships are 50/50 are lying. If you are not 100/100 into the relationship, it's going to fail.

    Sitting here, thinking about those I love, my heart is swelling and I feel almost giddy. These people in my life whom I love, they make it worthwhile. And I am not sharing how I demonstrate my love for them either. :)


    Laura: you and I have batted this around for years and I suspect we'll bat it around for many more. I'm like you in this way (too): I don't really see the need to convince anyone else that my way of looking at it is best. I'm keen to throw it out there, if only to provoke a discussion, but everybody's view of love is necessarily very personal. But you know how attentively I listen to what you have to say, so I'll look forward to your further thoughts ;)

    William - in any faceoff between J. Geils and Shakespeare, I gotta go with the bigger dawg.

    Brik: A sad, hard-learned, but important lesson - thanks for sharing it.

    CM: As always, deadly honest. And really, it puzzles us all.

    Tanya: always love your comments. And yeah, I get a swelling feeling every time I think about love, too.


    What's with the "swelling feeling" thing here?


    Umm .. that was just Bucky Bait.


    I think the word is overused to the extent we've lost a clear way to define it. Defining love (definitively) is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall. However, I know it when I see it.


    Love hurts so much
    Love cuts so deep
    It's a hot sweat and a cold shake
    Like drowning in your sleep

    Elton John-Cold

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    That swelling feeling...

    It's just swell.

    Hey, I got to this party late. And that is the only Shakespeare sonnet I've ever memorized (back when I had brain cells).


    You finally got the right sister with your Bucky Bait.


    I first read your take on love about a year ago, I guess - you'd mentioned it in Susie's comments, I think. I've contemplated it multiple times since then. And it makes sense to me. Love is so all-consuming that there's no room for degrees of intensity. It just IS.


    "I could no more love one person more than another than I could choose which of my children I love more. I honestly believe that. "Love" is a 100% thing. All or nothing at all. And the good news is, if I love you, I don't have any way of scaling that back to "like" - so it's for life. You're stuck with me."

    That pretty much says exactly what I always want to express...

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