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    May 05, 2006



    Grey's Anatomy isn't so much a doctor show as it is...Melrose Place that just HAPPENS to take place in a surgical ward instead of a ritzy apartment complex. It's awesome.

    I love America's Next Top Model. (And I know Kranki does too!) It has taken me until this, the 6th "cycle" to be able to admit that I watch it, but now I will say it proudly.


    You forgot Scrubs---the best written show ever! (Along with The Office).

    My TV:
    Mon: 24
    Tues: Scrubs
    Thurs: Office

    All the filler is HGTV and Comedy Central.


    Now, you've just shocked me with your reality TV loves. I honestly have a natural gag reflex these days to all reality TV, but I haven't even given most of them a chance. Honestly.

    I am one of those "I don't watch TV!!!" kind of people, but I too, have my loves:

    I grinned from ear to ear when I read your bit about The Office. I too, believe it is the best show out there, but I can understand it's not for everyone and it probably will get cancelled while American Idol runs for another 25 seasons and YES THEY ARE BASTARDS.

    For me, this mutual love for The Office explains why a pregnant American girl named Gerah has bonded online with an (insert non-offending descriptors here) Canadian named Nils. It just explains everything.

    And I am so with ya on the NO INTERRUPTIONS! time. That time for me is also during The Office... Jeremy is a contant "Commerical Break Channel Flipper" and I nearly break out in hives worrying we'll miss one second while he's flipping. It drives me nuts. Just watch the damn commercials already.

    I also watch Earl, and Scrubs. I love Scrubs. I don't always plan to watch it, but happen to flip on the Tube and crack up. Great show all around. Again, gotta have a certain dry sense of humour. Which I think we've both got.

    Jim fogg

    Big Love
    Big Love
    West Wing (still)
    The Wire
    Rescue Me
    CSI (Las Vegas)


    I'm totally into "The Office". Thursdays are usually so busy--so we record all of NBC and watch it a little at a time. Dwight Shrute's character is just so familiar to me. I think everyone knows a Dwight. The actor who played him was on "Six Feed Under"...another show we enjoyed. I watch "Big Love" and it is fascinating, but it's frightening, too. Creepy. Harry Dean Stanton is the "Debil" for sure. I also watch "Boston Legal". Who knew that a B-grade actor like Shatner could reinvent himself in this way?


    Um, I kind of don't know when shows are on anymore since we got the DVR. I loves me the DVR.

    I agree with you very much about The Amazing Race, and that explains why I don't watch it any longer. I loved the earlier seasons. I totally could have won one of them. Totally.

    Let's see...I watch House, Boston Legal, Battlestar Galactica, all the CSI versions, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Veronica Mars, The Gilmore Girls, and Everwood (and I watch The Office and My Name Is Earl in real time, not DVRd).

    Holy shit. That's a lot of shows. But they're DVRd! Which means no commercials! I really don't spend hours and hours in front of the TV!

    But I do love TV. That's bad, isn't it? It is.

    Jim Fogg

    I like Boston Legal as well. In my view the best David Kelley show since Picket Fences. Harry Dean is awesome. Paligomy is probably why I listed Big Love twice. I agree about My Name is Earl....I confess that I do miss Friends.....can'tseem to get into the reality shows.... too much reality for me


    Boston Legal
    That is all. Really; I think that is all.
    Oh, and those Dateline Internet Predator busts. Good times.


    I think I wrote about this on Laura's Vitamin Sea not so long ago.

    My favorite shows are NCIS because of Mark Harmon.
    NUMBE3Rs because of the Math connection, three good-looking guys with dark curly hair and I really want Judd Hirsch to be a relative. All the fatherly advice.

    DoF watches HOUSE and King of the Hill and The Simpsons.

    Um, yeah, four hours a week is about the length of time we're over there.
    Now if you want to know all the time in front of this screen, we would have to hook up a surveillance camera.


    Ok, I am a bit ashamed to admit this also.

    I have watched American Idol this season. First season I have seen it. I saw the second show accidentally and was hooked.

    I enjoy Chris, but Kat better win. Kat blows me away. My husband and kids are sick of me going on and on about her. I find it amazing that a person that physically stunning is not only SO talented but appears to be so grounded and humble and SWEET. I pray she stays that way!

    Survivor and sometimes Will and Grace.

    I sometimes see "Wipe Swap" and some of the Nanny shows. Nanny 911 or Supernanny. Makes me feel much better as a parent to see those shows:) LOL I see the freaks out there and how horrible they are to their kids (without realising it, I am sure) and I don't feel so guilty or something. Not sure.

    I really want to try out "Family Guy" and "The Office". I just feel like I spend so much time in front of the tube as it is. My brothers rave about those shows. We always loved "Kids in the Hall" and "CodCo". Remember that one Nils?? Did you like that one??

    Is DVR like Tivo?? We have that and it works great for all the people TALKING LOUDLY while a person is watching. Just pause and wait for them to leave or shut up. LOL Also, we watch Survivor together as a family and need to pause often for the kids to make comments, predictions, etc.

    That is all.


    IN HK, we get all shows a year after they come out, so we *borrow*. I am sadly, currently hooked on The OC. I do like my CSI and HOUSE as well. I am also addicted to the Gilmore Girls.

    Family Guy and American Dad ROCK!

    Laura.. VitaminSea

    I've added Hulk Hogan's reality show to my list, because it's filmed in my hometown and I get a kick out of seeing the family around my haunting grounds. And no, I'm not stalking them, even though Samantha thinks I am. I just "happen" to drive by their house from time to time. You know, on the way to work.

    My favs are still Boston Legal... when I remember to stay awake for it. Usually I'm half asleep on the couch at that hour.

    Lost, of course. Last week's episode was highly disturbing. No wonder they all got drunk.

    Greys Anatomy is more about relationships and how they're all fcked up from the very beginning.

    That's about it. I can't get into Idol this year, except to go in the family room and make commentary during the show.
    I'm usually chased out of there by an angry small person and a largely annoyed hub. To wit: "will you please Shut UP" has been uttered several times. At least she said "please"

    That old guy on the show gave a hilarious performance last week, however. Play that funky muuuusic white boyyyy. I sang along that time. Britt just shook her head.

    Vote him off.

    Oh! The Gilmore girls! forgot about them. great show. and M*A*S*H...I found out recently that Radar is still alive and promoting Motorhomes for the RV industry. Ain't that something? For some reason, I thought he died a long time ago.


    There are probably a lot of shows I would watch if I thought about. Or if I had a later bedtime. Boston Legal sounds good, 10 pm is too late for me. The Office is good but it pushes the time thing again.

    For as little as I watch TV I will not miss My Name is Earl if I have a choice. I've always liked Jason Lee and this is an original storyline with, as you say, a great ensemble cast. Nothing not to like as far as I'm concerned.

    On the guilty list, I used to watch General Hospital starting back in the 70s. I watched occasionally throughout the years. But, between my mother and my sister, I've been following it again. I was off sick a couple of days this week and realized how much more fun it is to watch than to read the recaps online. Hmmm, I can either figure out the old VCR or move into the 21st century and get TIVO.


    My current favorite show is Sunrise Earth on the HBO HD channel. Just the sights and sounds of sunrise in various places around the world. Gorgeous, peaceful. This is the only show I watch everyday. I only watch tv at night a few days a week.

    Anxiously awaiting the return of Deadwood, my favorite show, hands down.

    The indie movie spoofs done on Greg the Bunny (with puppets) on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) were brilliant.

    If I did watch more tv, I would watch more of the IFC, and documentaries on PBS. I could watch most any A&E biography, though I seldom do. The History Channel also has some shows that have captivated me.

    The Office and My Name is Earl are both great. I've only caught a few of each.

    Survivor Man (Discovery Channel) TiVo'd by my man so I watch (or hear) because he is watching it - a show where you learn enough to win respect as a contestant on the Survivor show, or just learn how to keep yourself alive for seven days, under any circumstances.

    Sopranos - We TiVo it. I pretty much watch this one every week. And though I got a lot of "thought mileage" out of the first one or two shows this season, I've lost some interest.

    Big Love - I try to catch this one, but sometimes miss it. I am both fascinated and disgusted. Also, have a hard time suspending disbelief on this one (much of the drama in the multi-nuclear family seems like it would have already surfaced or developed into something else by this time).

    The Colbert Report - we TiVo this one, and a few times a week we watch it after dinner. Danger of choking due to sudden outbursts of laughter.

    South Park (occasionally) - They are wicked evil geniuses, and sometimes make me think.

    Used to love Curb Your Enthusiasm, like laugh so hard I fell off the chair funny, but it lost its steam for me at the end of last season.

    Six Feet Under would fascinate me one time and bore the shit out of me the next. I cannot abide anything that resembles a soap opera.

    That is why I could never watch Sex & the City or Desperate Housewives.

    Haven't been able to figure out why people like 24. So much less gritty than The Shield or Thief. Cheesy, even. But maybe that's the charm. I suppose I much prefer grit.


    I tend to leave the TV on as "background noise" while working - but will admit that I too, like AI - I don't listen to opera ALL the time! Having said that, very few people really know how to sing, and the show provides me with much mirth.

    I like Sex & the City for the clothes - could never afford any of it, but still nice to see.

    Adult Swim/Family Guy/Simpsons - still rock my world.

    Laura - I remember seeing Kids In The Hall when they used to TOUR.




    I'm with you on The Office. I'm also a big fan of Alias, but don't bother starting in on that one now because it ends, forever, in 3 episodes.

    I'm also big on Grey's. But Scrubs is what we get most excited about in this household. And, of course, anything with His Heinieness. (Not mentioning name here b/c you're already the #1 MSN result and what more do you want?!)

    Nils Ling

    For the record, she is talking about John Stamos.


    you forgot America's Next Top Model and coming soon, Canada's Next Top Model!


    Anyone like "Dead Like Me"? Love that one

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