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    May 06, 2006



    Interesting, because from the commercials it looks like a stupid movie. I may just have to... well, wait for it to get on Netflix!
    Sounds like a nice evening with the girls :)


    Yeah, Dima ... I HAD seen commercials, and they DO make it look ... not as smart as it is ... but it IS a bright, funny, inspiring movie. And yeah, it's not one you HAVE to see in the theatres, although they have some great competition cinematography. But I'd say it's a SHOULD .. if not a MUST see.


    Isn't it great when your expectations about a movie are low -- and the movie turns out to be surprisingly good?

    I'm an old movie lover.
    (I mean I love old movies)
    ( no wonder why they invented the hyphen!) ...
    but one of these days I'm going to expand to something modern and current I swear.


    Funny how some movies, esp those teeny-chick-flickys LOOK so bad but turn out ok. Saved! was one of them.

    A movie need not be Oscar material to enjoy it. One of my favourite movies is Sweet Home Alabama...just because it makes me smile when I watch it.


    Mary: I hear that young Spielberg fellow has a couple of talkies to his credit that are worth seeing.

    Tanya: I'm with you. I love a movie that moves me and alters my view of life, but there is room in my five star rating system for a movie that makes me grin and giggle and "... fuggetabout life, for a while ..."


    Oh, I SO wish we had gone to see that instead of Mission: Impossible: III last night.

    I did love Bring it On!


    I didn't know this movie was out. Maybe I'll have to go see it. It has the Nils stamp of approval.


    The highlight of the evening for big sis and I was going into the theatre and saving a seat while Dad ran an errand. Once the two of us sat down, we realized that he was going to have to come in by himself and it was totally going to look like he was going to see a teenage-oriented chick flick by himself on a Saturday night. We enjoyed that very much.


    Allie - I am going to giggle all day now - that rocked.


    my sister and I used to do the same thing.


    I'd say the same for Jeff Bridges. Very hot.

    I normally eschew chick movies, but I love Nicole Holofscener (sp?) and I really want to see "Friends with Money".

    The Kept Woman

    Interesting. I haven't heard of this, but then again that shouldn't surprise anyone.

    The last time we actually made it to a theater to see a movie was 2004.


    Love the mini rant. hehehehe.

    Gordon Pierce

    Don't forget the Six Degrees connection of "My Name Is Earl" to the Island. To think that Earl spent part of a summer in Rock Barra (while filming Ballad of Jack & Rose)

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