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    May 12, 2006



    Oooooooooooh yeah.

    And remember I said this is my one and only "DON'T YOU DARE INTERRUPT ME" show that I watch?

    ...So Jeremy leaves during commercial to make a snack, (as usual), and misses the WHOLE SCENE where Jim tells her he loves her, and then Jeremy walks into the TV room with his ice cream when they're talking afterwards and my mouth is dropped and Jeremy says "What'd I miss?"



    I assume, then, Nils, you haven't seen the British original (a two-season, plus a two-episode Christmas finale), starring Ricky Gervais (who is executive producer of the American version)?
    Because, if you had seen it, you would be saying *it* was the best show, ever, on television. As good as the American one is (and it's grown into its quality; it started out as a weak copy of the British version), the British version is head and shoulders better.


    Actually, Rob, I own and frequently revisit the Ricky Gervais series - and I have said before it's also among the best television shows in history. The climactic moment in that series, at the conclusion of the Christmas Special, led to the single, most perfect, "don't-bother-with-a-reunion-special-because-you-cannot-improve-on-this television series finishes in ... well, ever.

    So I certainly wouldn't take anything away from that series, although I'll gladly take you up on the challenge of calling it "head and shoulders" better than the American (which was developed and is still guided by the British originators). Obviously, these are subjective calls, and as always, when I say "this is the best TV series in history" there has to be an unspoken "for me" in there.

    I do think the American version added some texture to the setting and characters that enhances things ("for me"). Dwight's romantic liason, Michael and Jan's hideously awkward "friendship", the office nemesis in Toby ... the creepily evil Creed ... all are a delight. ("for me")

    But I will concede that "for you", the British version is head and shoulders better than the American. Personally, I'm glad to have seen both.

    And Gerah, my daughter came home and said "Oh - I forgot to tape "The Office" .. was it a repeat?"

    Poor girl.


    I commented on someone else's site that I literally gasped when he kissed her. I had my hand over my mouth after he expressed his feelings. I was so utterly unprepared for either of those events.

    It was ust wonderful, wonderful acting with an amazing script.


    I just read elsewhere (Salon has an article on the finale) that Steve Carrell wrote that finale script. That guy's a talent, for sure.
    The tension between Pam and Jim was so integral to the success of the show. It'll be interesting to see how they (the writers) handle next season when... what happens? Do other characters take more center-stage?


    What's really so remarkable about the show/writing is that each one of those characters is so fully fleshed out. And, I'm loving each and every one. Darryl, always baiting Michael, Dwight living in a totally sperate reality from everyone else, his secret and slightly kinky relationship with the overwound Angela, mild mannered and mildy slacking BJ can't extricate himself from the totally cluelessand hyperactively boy crazy Kelly who dresses like a parody of a late 70's office worker, Creed who is apprently a homeless mung bean sprout eating pothead kleptomaniac and on and on and on and on.

    Each tiny moment is filled with a solid laugh. And each character could walk off the set and exist in real life.

    Yes, this show is gaining momentum like an avalanche in an early thaw.


    I taped it but am saving it for tonight when Mr. Half and I can settle down with a beer and watch. Even though I detest Pam's Neanderthal fiancee, I've been doubly afraid that the show would "jump the shark" if the writers allowed the romance between Pam and Jim to ever be realized. I CAN'T WAIT!!!


    Well, *clearly* "ust" is quite the strong word here.

    Let's change that to "just".


    The Office usually comes on at 10 and I don't usually stay up that late. I saw the British version a few times and really liked it. I also like Steve Carrell. One of these days it'll all be out on DVD and I can watch it without the suspense.


    Oh, I like mamaloo's review. I watched, and enjoyed tremendously, and said, "It's about damned time."


    That kiss? It made my week. (Is that sad? You know what, I don't care.)


    I think some of the best parts of this show are the moments inbetween words. Acting in silence is exceptional.

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