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    May 18, 2006


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Oh, god...

    My head just exploded.

    I JUST cleaned up in here, dammit!


    I always knew you were the King of obvious innuedo. LOL!


    Question...Does it burn afterwards?

    The Kept Woman

    There's just nothing like getting some good, hard wood, my friend.


    I hope you realize how many men would NEVER EVER EVER be able to write that post.

    Sound like things are going to be hot around your house...

    Jim fogg

    Hard wood in the morning smells like victory to me........


    Thank you. I woke up in a pissed-off mood and THAT is going to make my day. Thank you.

    I am sure wishing there was some wood in my place at the moment. I have to agree with The Kept Woman on that one.


    I"m all settled in and ready for the loooong, continuing saga of your wood.


    Our first year of marriage, I got a lot of wood. In fact, that winter we spent almost every Saturday, all day long, working the wood. Always left me breathing hard. And truth was, it was more wood than I needed, so I was always offering to share the wood. My mom took some wood. Rob gave my grandmother some wood, too. It's amazing how excited people get over free wood.


    Innuendo aside. I loved it when we lived in NS and they brought all our wood and we stacked it up all neat and tidy at the side of our cottage.


    I was about to tell you not to let the wood get wet, but I guess that doesn't apply in this case...


    Oh my gawd! I've also heard that oil, when used liberally, keeps the wood supple and prevents (ew!) cracks.


    sigh. Haven't had any wood here for weeks, now. But I did enjoy reading about yours. Thank you for sharing.


    Wood - now with pictures!


    I like your wood and wow your post struck a cord with me.

    I'm down to a little bit of wood and a cold winter looms ahead. Luckily, with enough money one can get all the hard wood one needs and in the exact size that pleases each person. Especially if you ax politely.

    Personally, I like the long lean wood rather than the short fat wood.

    I believe the former gives off more heat.

    Would that I had your wood! Alas, I will have to start making phone calls to get mine.


    *giggling like a middle schooler*

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