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    May 02, 2006



    Get thee to a massage therapist ASAP...and then to a gentle yoga class where stretching will help those spasms. I'm sending a hug your way, though the impact just might make things worse. Sorry.


    Have a nice hot bath with some epsom salts or something like that--loosen up your muscles...feel better!!

    Hugs! Have some of my nice soup I made--it'll heal all that ails ya!

    Amanda B.

    I'm with Wordgirl. A massage would do wonders for your back. Go forth!

    The Kept Woman

    Just a helpful hint from yours truly...don't even sleep with a back brace on in an attempt to "heal" your back while you're sleeping.

    Not that I know anyone who did this and had to call to be helped off the toilet in the middle of the night because she couldn't move. No one I know.

    Hope you're 100% soon...


    I'm glad you're feeling better. I have also had a stomach bug for the last two days and it's not nice. At all. I feel a lot better now though, because I just read your Monster post and laughed until I cried. I have two sons, the eldest is 5 (and called Nils!), and they share a room. Now I know what to expect! It was great story, thanks for sharing!


    Glad you are a tad better.

    Hope things are much improved today also!



    Hope you're even better today.

    Feeling better, that is.

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