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    May 27, 2006



    boy, this sounds familiar...


    I'm sure you would have survived. I've seen that very thing happen to my husband, and he's still pretty much normal.


    Women can be so annoyingly safety-conscious sometimes. I know I am.


    Mr. Half just usually tells me to stand by with a big 2x4 so that I can knock him off of the ladder in case't break the circuit by flying across the room on his own.


    My concern was not unwarranted. I mean, we're talking about the guy who can't remember to duck his damn head when he goes down into the cellar and as a result winds up with a giant gash on his melon EVERY SINGLE TIME he goes down there (even AFTER we bought him a hard hat!).

    Pioneer Woman

    Ha! Funny story.


    Weird. Sometimes it acts like I don't have a typepad account, and sometimes it does. I would comment more, but I don't have time to wait around for the moods of my silly computer!

    Anyway, this had me on the edge of my seat. I was so scared that you would were going to get fried.

    Is this an ADD thing?? I do the same types of things. WAY too lazy sometimes.


    Laura: Oh? Do tell.

    Ern: Yeah, I'd have bounced back up. But it's nice to give the job an aura of danger - you get extra credit for it, as opposed to other handiman jobs like putting on new doorknobs. Nobody's impressed if you put on a doorknob. But flirt with death by electrocution, and you get the attention.

    Squirl: there is a reason why women, on average, outlive men. Not frigging around with electricity might enter into it. You seldom read about a woman getting drunk, climbing a power pole, and shouting down to her friends "Hey, wanna see something cool?"

    Wordgirl: I am unlikely to arm any of the women in the house with 2 x 4s and invite them to view me as a pinata. The words "Well, I wasn't sure, so I decided to take a chance" spring to mind.

    Allie: If you are bored, there is firewood to be stacked. These people aren't interested in your views on my work habits.

    PW: Thanks for dropping by - come back again!

    laura: Not sure if it's an ADD thing. I do lack the patience it would have taken to properly identify the circuit ... but normally I'm more safety conscious.


    At least she didn't lick her lips and rub her palms together instead...

    The Kept Woman


    That is SUCH a man thing to do. Sugar Daddy would do the same thing...risk life and limb to potentially save a few minutes of work.

    Or risk life and limb.

    Smart girl to have the phone pre-dialed...


    Scary moment to have, is if your cell phone is set to vibrate and clipped to your hip and someone calls while you are handling wires. It scared me.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    You shouldn't generalize, Nilbo...

    I've gotten drunk and climbed a few poles in my day.



    I totally want to join your family. I mean, you bought him a HARD HAT? Rock.

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