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    May 08, 2006



    I couldn't wait for it. I had to jump down to the second paragraph right away. I suck.

    Jim Fogg

    Your taste in music is not up your ass. Great rendition......Dolly is and has been a player for a long time now. Under rated a song writer.


    that is just so cool - you know I've made an mp3 out of it already.


    I thought about listening to it...I really did...for at least...oh...1/2 a second or so. Then I remembered how Faith Hill bastardized Janis Joplin's "Piece of my Heart".

    I don't care how well they can sing, country singers should not...never...ever...cover classic rock songs. It's just plain wrong.

    Closet Metro

    Would it be sacriligious if I like it more than the original? (Then again I learned most of Led Zepplin's songs through Dread Zepplin.)


    I hope it is awesome because it sounds awful. Not as awful as when Pat Boone covered the hard rock hits like Hendrix's "The Wind Cries Mary"...but close. If you say it's good, then that's enough for me.


    Your taste in music is now up *my* ass.


    I'm with Metro...I like this way better than the original. (personal opinion of course...)

    My favorite Dolly quote is this...

    "I don't care about all the dumb blond jokes...because I know I'm not dumb...and I'm not blond."

    She rocks.


    The first record I bought as a kid was Dolly. (Yes, there were still records when I was a kid. Although maybe only in Redneck Valley.) I love her.


    I dig the banjo.
    I am all about the banjo.


    No sir, didn't like it.

    But that doesn't mean I think less of *you* for liking it.


    See, candace ... I love that attitude. I don't expect people to love what I love, but I do want to share what I love with as many as possible. And if it's not to your taste, that's just fine. Kinda why there are different colours of Popsicles, wha'?


    Haven't listened yet but I've always liked Dolly!


    I'm neither here nor there on it. I guess if I were in the Smoky Mountains or something I'd love it, but, well, I'm in Michigan.

    The Kept Woman

    I'm on the fence.

    A worn, wood-posted, barbed-wire fence playing "Dueling Banjos" but a fence nonetheless.

    I like it but I can't even compare it to the original...


    "My poor head is in such a whirl, my mind is all in bits." Nothing like listening to Dolly friggin' Parton covering "Stairway to Heaven" to make your day a little more surreal...

    That being said, it wasn't bad, but I have a fondness for Dolly. I had to sit through her variety show every Sunday in the 70's, and watch her swing on that swing singing "Love is Like a Butterfly" and "I Will Always Love You." I also was forced to watch Hee Haw, but that is neither here nor there.

    Long story short, it was a'ight, dawg. Just a'ight for me.


    I was all excited and wrote my iTunes buddy to buy the CD and we'd split the cost...then I listened to some of the other songs and decided...just Stairway...we'll get that one but skip the whole CD.

    One of my favorite all time Christmas songs is Hard Candy Christmas and I still get hyper when I hear Islands in the Stream...and I am not a dyed in the wool country contraire...but this rendition of Stairway is just spectacular.

    Another sweet surprise for me is Rachel York's "I Love How You Love Me" it's gorgeous.


    I love that Jim Fogg wrote that Dolly is a player. I love Dolly. I love "Here You Come Again" so much my kids know it by heart.

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