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    April 05, 2006



    I made the mistake of emailing this out to a group of friends last Monday.
    They all wrote back to let me know that given the time structure used, it will occur again in 2106, 2206, 2306 . . . 3006,.. etc.

    Another friend wrote to add that "On that same Wednesday, just 3 + hours later it will be 04:05:06 04/05/06


    Just 3 + hours after that it will be 04/05/06 07:08:09."

    They are a fickle bunch and I will never be able to email them a single fact, ever again. ;)


    I saw that it would happen again in 2106. I am not positive I will be around to witness it. I can surely hope. I'll be the one in the senior's home, whapping at your ankles with my cane.


    The day goes before the month in Australia as well and after reading this I just realized my daughter's birthday could quite possibly be 04/05/06. Now I'm kind of hoping for that!


    I know one guy who was planning to wake up at that time. Yup, setting his alarm and everything.

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