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    April 03, 2006


    The Kept Woman

    Thanks so much for stopping by my place!

    And also a big thank you for ending the debate in my head as to whether or not my two girls should share a room in the new house.

    A resounding no.

    As a non-night person this sounds like hell on earth for ME. There shall be no waking of the mother in the middle of the night...


    Oh no... Nilbo... heh, what a story!

    I can relate on so many levels!


    Unfortunately, I used to hide under my youngest sister's bed and wait for her to get into bed (one leg on the mattress and the other one unprotected and rooted on the floor). I loved grabbing her ankle in the dark. can say it. What a bitch.


    God, I would have hated to have you as a sister. But I would have totally loved to have you visit my brother.


    This was AWESOME! I mean, not to experience it, but to read about it. You are great at making the reader feel like they are really there.

    When I was a kid, I was the only girl with three older brothers and always felt left out. I was jealous that my three brothers got to share a room. I kept on saying "I want to sleep in the boys' room!" Meaning of course that I wanted to sleep with my brothers and be a part of whatever mysterious things went on at night with three people in the same room. I could not even imagine the excitement!

    One day when I came back from playing at a friend's house, they told me I could sleep in the boys' room. I was so excited and skipped down the hall to plan which brother I would honour with my presence in his bed that night. I stopped short when I got to the doorway and saw that they had changed rooms and all my things were now in that room and my brothers' were all moved into my old room!!

    I am sure it was not that mean, and in my 5 year old mind it just coincidentally ended up that way. But it seemed very cruel and I always remembered it.

    I stopped jumping into bed to avoid the monsters in my late 20's. Aren't you proud of me!??!?!? LOL


    I love this story. Big brothers can really be mean sometimes. I ended up with my head bleeding from slipping on a cement floor after my brother came at me with some concoction from his chemistry set.

    It sent the ends of a barrette into my skin and that's where the bleeding came from. I must've been five or six.


    Ahh... But they like girls, too.

    I didn't stop jumping at the bed til my daughter died. After that I figured if there was something under there, well, I was spoiling for a fight...

    Now I have to struggle to keep a straight face telling my 5yo there's no such thing as monsters, when mommy believed til not too long ago...


    Oh, I've never stopped believing in monsters. As I grow older, though, I realize that sometimes they look tougher than they really are.

    Jim Fogg

    A few years back the "Boys" got to together to play a little poker and spin a few yarns. The game went well into the wee hours. The host lived alone and after a bit of cleaning up was ready for bed. While standing at the side of the bed in the dark, a hand reached out from underneath the bed and grasped his ankle. Needless to say he jumped so high he almost hit the ceiling. A buddy who had "gone home" quite a bit earlier had hid there awating his opportunity....he's never approached a bed the same way's a good thing it wasn't the heart attack years.......


    This just might be my favorite Nilbo story yet. And it would make a perfect sitcom episode.


    EXCELLENTly written, Nilbo!

    The way you describe your dad, it's so bang on. We got hurt alot too as kids, and always when my dad was on nightshift so we would have to wake him up to deal with the wreckage.

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