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    April 07, 2006


    The Kept Woman

    Those would sell. Totally. I swore to god that if I heard that f'n nurse say, "Now make this push really count!" (like I was lolly-gagging around on the first 546...) I was going to have to beat the hell out of know, once I got the kid out and epi removed and stuff...

    The Girlfriend's Guide books (pregnancy and 1st yr.) are actually pretty good and honest if your friend is looking. Also Jenny McCarthy's "Belly Laughs"is good. Crude as you would expect, but good.

    Stacy Quarty

    Love your titles! Especially, "Fuck Tom and Katie"! LOL 'til I'm crying.

    Oh, and thanks to the link to my book!


    How about Breasts? I thought they were over-filled water balloons!

    anastasia beaverhausen

    Amen to all of that! No one tells you that, during orgasm, nursing mother's tits squirt milk like the geysers and Yellowstone Park. It's like wetting yourself...only higher up. Awww! Did that bring a bad picture into your head?


    Squirl, overfilled water balloons would be lucky. Mine became more like water balloons half filled with sand (I bet you'll never touch a sandfilled water balloon in the same way again)

    I love the 'Honey, can you come and look'. When about a month after I gave birth, my boyfriend decided he was going to execute races, up the bedroom wall, with my breastmilk, to see which tit could squirt higher. Men! *sniff*


    I love you.

    ms minnesota's mom

    It felt alot better goin' in that it will comin' out!"


    Reading those titles makes me eversomuch more apprehensive about thinking of starting a family, but it's gotta be done, right? Right? *breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth*


    Great titles, I also vote for the TomKat title...!


    Those are great! Not a book title, but I love the email that goes around with "When is a good time to get the epidural? -- Right after you find out you're pregnant!"

    When the doc came in and politely asked if I would like an epidural, my reponse was "Can I have TWO?!"

    Julio Cesar

    Har,har, har (me chocking as I laugh of the title selection)...

    How about "Child birth: Start hating your husband in a few hours"

    "Child birth first aids: How to mend a twisted husband arm"


    hey, i did it all without pain medicine and it rocked and sucked at the same time and yeah


    I just watched Nova's Miracle of Life (the updated version) and between THAT and THIS, I am absolutely never having children. It's just not NATURAL!

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